AK-47 Pistol Grip Screw and Base

The AK-47 Pistol Grip Screw and Base is a replacement AK-47 pattern pistol grip screw with the locking base nut. With most AK-47 style firearms being put together from a mix of new and used surplus parts, there is a clear need for replacement parts like this pistol grip screw. Now you can replace your existing worn or stripped pistol grip screw with a brand new part.

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The AK-47 Pistol Grip Screw is one of the most universally common components in any AK-47 style firearm. With there being dozens of AK-47 type firearms, the universally compatible pistol grip screw is a replacement part that belongs in every AK-47 owners spare parts box. The vast majority of AK-47 style rifles that were built from surplus parts will eventually want to have their pistol grip screws replaced, as this is one of the most common screws that becomes damaged or stripped during the demil and re-manufacturing process.

Now that AIM Sports has produced this factory correct mil-spec AK-47 pistol grip screw with locking base, you can rest assured that your "forgotten" spare parts needs will be met for your AK-type rifle. While everyone focuses on parts like springs, magazines, and trigger components almost no one thinks about having a spare pistol grip screw on hand for their AK-type firearm. With out this specialized screw, you will not be able to secure your pistol grip to your firearm. With out the pistol grip, your AK-style firearm will neither be useful as a tool or very fun to shoot.

  • Replacement Part for AK-47 Type Firearms
  • New Production Part
  • Complete with Locking Base Nut
  • Does Not Count for 922 Compliance

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