AK47 20 Round Magazine - Hungarian 20rd Mags

AK47 20 Round Magazine

The AK47 20 Round Magazine is an all-steel magazine designed to fit mil-spec AK47 type firearms. With the shortened magazine body these magazines are ideal for close quarters drills with your AK. As most 7.62x39mm ammo comes packed twenty rounds per box, loading these magazines to capacity is simply using a full box with no loose rounds left for you to store.
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Description / AK47 20 Round Magazine


  • AK47 20 Round Magazine
  • Caliber: 7.62x39mm
  • Capacity: 20 Rounds
  • All Steel Construction
  • Made in Korea

Customer Reviews

Love these in my Romy G AK
Review by RemMax
I picked up 10 of these a while back for my Romy G AK47 and love them.
The Romy G has the forward pistol grip and these will fit in the gun without clearance issue between them and the PG, as such they are the perfect choice for the Romy G AK.

Handy for prone shooting
Review by KP Duty
In some ways I actually prefer the 20 round magazines to the 30 round. I’ve gotten a few of these from keepshooting. All needed a cleaning but none had any rust and would probably have run well out of the bag without a cleaning. These are military surplus and are hard to beat; I hope they get some more in.
Hope Keep Shootin' get more
Review by Dave
All Mags were in GREAT condition. Hard to find, cheap,,,,,,,just need more.
AK47 Mag
Review by Jill
Just received one today. Sealed in plastic. Looks unissued. Love the twenty round mags shooting from a rest or off the bench.Looks to be a parkerized finish.
Review by me
nice, and cheap
Excellent Buy
Review by Jay
Mag was in great condition and as described. Even better price!! Wish I could have ordered more and will if I get another chance.
Good mag for closed spaces
Review by Guy
This mag lets you fit where the full size would prevent you, good capacity and reliable. Highly recommend.
Perfect fit in the Romy G AK's
Review by RemMax
If you own one of the Romanian Guard AK's better known as the Romanian Guard with the wooden pistol grip forearm then these are the perfect mag for you!
The standard 30 round mags fit in the Romanian Guard fine but they are tight to get in and out and frequently pinch your pinky finger between the bottom, of the mag and the bottom of the forward grip.
With these Hungarian Tanker 20 round mags you avoid that completely making them a breeze to pop in and out while never pinching your finger doing so.
I sure hope they get some more of these back in stock as I could use about 9 more of them. Ironically while I have built several of the Romy G rifles I only bought 1 of these 20 round mags to try it out to see if it would be easier to change.
Of course it is tremendously easier to swap in and out of the Romanian Guard without pinching your finger but now they are hard to find.
Oh well I'll keep watching for them. :-)
Great Mags & Fast Shipping
Review by NB
These arrived very quickly and were in excellent shape. Will definitely order again.
Real high quality!
Review by Jay
My first order, and if I would have known what was about to take place I would have ordered more! If these are not new, well they look brand new, love them. Need to order more when back in stock.
great magazines
Review by jason
40 round magazines are nice to have, but look a little funny hanging out of your pocket at the range. Get a few of these if you like the idea of putting a magazine the size of your wallet into your pockets for easy transport. No issues with feeding or ejecting in IO ak47.
AK 20 round mag
Review by Brian
Just received two more and these also came in like new condition sealed in a plastic wrapper.
Nice Quality Mags
Review by rafael
The Magazine quality is great. Plan on reordering a few more. Cannot go wrong with these mags.
Review by Brian
These magazines are exactly what I've been looking for. Being I have a semi-auto, twenty rounds is the perfect balance. Much more manageable to carry these and operate the firearm with them. KeepShooting even has magazine carriers made to carry three of these. Excellent quality. Mine came like new in a sealed plastic bag.
Excellent Quality
Review by Robert
The batch of surplus Hungarian 20 round AK47 magazines i received are in excellent condition and show no signs of use, just long term storage.
These magazines fit and function flawlessly in my Hungarian SA 85M rifles, which is to be expected and i could not be more happy about my purchase.
While i do not collect AK47 magazines, i did receive several of the early style, that had the “02” and a smiley-faced quarter-moon stamping on the spine.
This was my first purchase from KeepShooting.com and they will be getting more business from me in the near future!
Review by STEVEN R.
Review by powderbob
The ones I've got are very nice surplus magazines,fit and function just fine,one came with the 02 circle and the moon stamps.There was no need of oiling 'em from the inside since they are well preserved.
Great mags!
Review by Nicholas
These show only a little sign of wear. They function flawlessly in my WASR 10/63, and I will be buying more!
Wow, they look new!
Review by STEVEN
First time customer. Was going to order from CTD but thought I would like to support a smaller company. I liked the pictures of your warehouse, down to earth looking. The mags look new. I took them apart and they look great! Will not know how they function for a few weeks, but I'm sure they will work fine. The other items I received also looked very good. I will keep your company in my favorites for future purchases! Thank you!
Second order and still satisfied!!!!
Review by Love to Keepshootin'
I ordered two more of these mags and another feedback is in order.
These mags also show few signs of use.
Moreover, one of the mags has the infamous "02" and "Man in the Moon" stamp. These were early production Hungarian mags and have a higher collector value. I do not collect mags, I use them, but I always wanted one of these. Thanks Keepshooting.
Great Surplus Mags
Review by Love to Keepshootin'
If you do not have any of the 20rd Hungarian mags, you are missing out. These Circle M mags are high quality and make it easier to shoot from a bench due to their size.
If you already have a couple you already know the quality of these. Buy them here. The 2 I received show only minor storage marks (no rust). These are the real deal. If you find these under $16 you take the risk of receiving poor quality knock-offs.
I bought 2 more. Buy them while they are still available.
Review by Richard
Magazines were great, almost brand new looking. Had a slight issue on locking lug with a Norinco MAK, but not enough of an issue to subtract from overall deal these are.
great mags
Review by Matthew
cant find these anywhere got one to try and fits well in all my AK's will be ordering more, look like it was brand new
Well made, tight fit in my RPK
Review by AvidShooter
These AK mags are well made and functional but had a bit of trouble getting it to fit in my RPK. I know every AK mag well is different because they are enlarged to accept double stacked mags after they are imported into the US. I tapped it with a hammer until it fit and would still feed properly. Now I will have a functional Post-Ban 20rd AK mag that will most likely last longer the rest of my life, with only minimal work.
Great. Finally a perfect mag for Romanian WASR
Review by Michael
These things fit great and were not old and rusty. There's no wobble or shake. Front of mag fits firmly in mag well. Great for range work. Feeds ammo without issue and the shorter mag length helps you at the shooting bench rifle rest. Couldn't find these at gun shows even here in Texas. Plenty of 30 rnd. But no metal 20 rnd. Taco plastic mags were too thick to fit in WASR without shaving the plastic down on the sides. Wish i found these first.
excellent mags
Review by guy
these are excellent magazines. price is excellent.
quality mags
Review by Evan
These mags work great, they take a good amount of weight off the rifle when fully loaded compared to 30 rounders. Also gives your AK a cool unique look
great mags
Review by dave
i love these and have several. they're great for shooting at the range from a rest since they don't hang down too far like the standard 30 rounders. they also work great on the Draco pistols since the larger mags are somewhat awkward.
Great Mag.
Review by Kenneth
My mag. was in new condition. Excellent buy.
Great AMD Mags
Review by jake
The mags I got were in new condition. Work well.Great mags. best price I have seen. Fast shipping.

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