AK-47 30-Round Magazine - Manufactured to Strict Military Specifications

AK-47 30-Round Magazine

Manufactured to strict military specifications in a facility that holds numerous military contracts, each of our AK-47 30-round magazines is designed to hold and feed 30 rounds of 7.62x39mm ammunition to your AK-47 reliably.

Description / AK-47 30-Round Magazine


  • AK-47 30-Round Magazine
  • Military Pattern Design
  • Caliber: 7.62x39mm
  • Capacity: 30 Round

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Manufacturer United Defense LLC

Customer Reviews

Good choice for new production magazine
Review by KP Duty
I would rate these as better than Korean magazines, and not quite as nice as military surplus magazines. The feed lips are one piece unlike the Korean magazines, but they are not as thick as surplus magazines. That doesn’t impact their functionality; they work perfectly for me so my review is a little unfair. If you want a new production magazine you could do a lot worse, these are good magazines that work.
Great Value
Review by rafael
Nice quality. Mine looked barely used to perhaps unused. Some Cosmoline. But then, you should take them apart, clean, lube and put them to use. Tested mine. No failures. They fed perfectly. Would buy again. Great find
Great Value
Review by rafael
Nice quality. Mine looked barely used to perhaps unused. Some Cosmoline. But then, you should take them apart, clean, lube and put them to use. Tested mine. No failures. They fed perfectly. Would buy again. Great find
One of the best mags I have ever seen
Review by Kevin
I was rather hesitant about buying "new" mags for my ak but these mags by far exceeded my expectations. They are very well built and the quality on them is on par with a lot of new old stock eastern bloc magazines I have seen. I just ordered two of their 40 rounders just because of the quality. Fast shipping, great customer service, will not hesitate to buy from them again.
some of the best mags made
Review by Michael
These are some of the best mags ever made, but I have noticed a few small issues. They are coated in Teflon to resist corrosion, which is good, but they are very slick in wet or sweaty hands. The mag is very stiff to load because the spring is the same length as what is normally put in a 40rd mag(though this makes to reliable feeding). They also lack an auto sear travel cut which really only affects use in select fire AK type rifles. They also feed a little rough for the first 100rds or so. You can't tell it while shooting, but unloading by hand is hard until they're broken in. Still the best current production you can find!
AK47 Mag
Review by Jill
These are some of he best steel mags on the market for the money. I own six and will surely order a few more when I can.
Old faithful
Review by Guy
What else can be said about milspec ak mags? They just keep working no matter what. Highly recommend.
Review by cliff
Bought 5 of these mags just to try out, so impressed I ordered 5 more and planning more purchases as my bank account allows. Excellent quality and flawless function in both my AKs,these things can hold their own against any milspec mags I've ever used. You will not be disappointed.
as tough as your ak
Review by aaron
The keep shooting mags are as tough as a brick house. A lot of rounds down range with no feed issues ever. You can't go wrong.
Great Price & Fast Shipping
Review by NB
Very impressed with these mags, and will definitely be ordering more. Fast shipping and quality products. 2 thumbs up!
Real nice Mags for the price
Review by Bulgarian
Real nice Mags. The finish fits excellent. Put a couple hundred rounds through them no problem.
Review by Jake
I just have to say, I wish I would have been turned on to these before the coming Obama ban, but I just found out about them about a week ago. I promptly bought three as that is all I could afford right now, and let me tell you, they are unbelievable quality. The followers are smooth, the body is thick strong and welded correctly. Who cares where they are made. They compare on the level of my two Russian mil mags. Understandably, the 30 rounders probably won't be available anymore, but if you have the chance to get 10 rounders don't think twice. Great item.
Excellent quality.
Review by Brian
These magazines are excellent quality and fit my Arsenal perfectly. These are some of the best thirty round mags for the money. Get them while you can, because we all know they want to ban them again. What will they be worth if they are eventually banned? A lot more than this! And if they're not, I've still got a couple great mags for a very reasonable price.
Nice Mags!!!!!!!
Review by count
I just received these a few min ago. They fit my SA-85 with very little wobble. I was a little concerned but went ahead and brought five of these based on the reviews from everyone else!!! I don't see where one can go wrong with these as my wife said "THEY ARE SO SHINY"!!!!!!!! I will take care of that this weekend at the range. I will be ordering some of the 40 rounders soon. Thanks Keepshooting!!!!!!!!!!
Great Mags
Review by Truth
Fit is good and functions good. A really good quality finish, i like better than any other steel mag i have seen.
ak 47 mags
Review by ROBERT
best deal around!
Review by cody
Brand spanking new mags for this price just doesn't get any better. Good tension on springs and a nice glossy finish. Great job keep shooting !
Great Mag
Review by Bill
Recently purchased one of these mags and a 20 rounder. 20 rounder looks new and 30 rounder is perfect. Both function flawlessly in my MAK 90. Order arrived in three day as have my other orders. Very satisfied with service and quality of products. Will buy more of these mags before they run out.
Review by Nick
Great price. No FTF/FTE. Cycled properly every time. Another great bargain with fast shipping!
One of the best Magazines around
Review by SH
These magazines simply look immaculate as if they just came off the assembly line. The finish is shinny yet durable and I have used mine for a few months with NO ISSUES! They are not loaded with grease so they are almost good to go as soon as you get them. Don't overlook these high quality magazines. I will be looking to get more of these in the future.
Good product good price
Review by Hobbyoutdoorsman
The product overall was in good condition, springs had plenty of tension, they just need to be wiped down and they are good to go.
like surplus, only new!!
Review by spent brass
They are just like the nice steel surplus mags, only they are brand new!!
If you don't like the "shiny" appearance you can always shoot them with some flat krylon, but the slick shinny surface on the inside makes loading nice and smooth! Plus if you buy 5 they are cheaper than some surplus mags, but as good as or better quality in materials and specs.
Best new production mag so far!!!!
Review by Love to Keepshootin'
I normally only buy surplus mags and stay away from all the plastic ones (except bakelites).
I took a chance and bought 2 of these. Mainly because I wanted some "nice looking" mags. Let's face it, most surplus mags look like they have been around the block a few times.
However, when it comes to functionality and durability, surplus mags cannot be beat. The Russians and their friends sure knew how to make a quality magazine. Like the lines in the movie "Lord of War", "No one was lining up to buy their cars". I feel the same about AK mags.
These mags however, are an exception. They are similar in quality to Romanian steel mags (gauge of steel).The satin gloss finish is visually appealing on my wood stock Bulgarian AKM. This is not just some cheap spray painted finish, that will chip off down the road.
I have been holding out on buying some Romanian 40 rounders.
After trying these I decided to buy keepshooting.com's 40 rounders.
They Work!
Review by Ken
...and what is more important? The price has gone up a tad but still not bad for a new mag that's not beat up.
Good product, Great service!
Review by Gerald
Fits and functions fine. Good quality! Thanks KS!
Buy nothing else!
Review by Michael
As usual, I was a bit skeptical of the price. I decided to get a couple, and was blown away! I will not be buying any other 30rd steel mags ever again. I will how ever be trying to clean out keepshooting's stock of these and the 40rd ones! The only thing that i noticed was that there seams to be a 40rd spring in these, which makes it a little stiff. But hey, it easily fits all 30 rounds and there will never be a problem with the follower sticking. great product!
Best post-ban mag on the market
Review by AvidShooter
I got two of these mags to use with a Century Arms RPK to replace the heavy 40rd. mags that it came with. They work perfectly in my rifle and the finish seems very durable (unlike the parkerized on most pre-ban mags.) Both fit in my rifle smoothly and feed flawlessly. Looking to get more while they last!
WASR 10 Friendly
Review by Bobby
Bought two of these beautiful mags for my WASR-10. They fit fine after breaking them in. I also needed to fill and empty these mags a few times to get them to feed 100% into my AK.
Very happy with my purchase.
Awesome AK Mags
Review by BobbyBling
These mags put the ones that came with my WASR-10 to shame.
The glossy black paint on these mags make my AK look great!
On the down side they took a little time and practice to snap into my gun unlike the two that came with my WASR. Theses beautiful mags have zero mag wobble in my WASR-10.
Work great
Review by Richard
I bought three of these and did not have a problem with any of them I however am going to look into the forty round mags
a1 quality
Review by model 39
bought two, will certainly buy more!!!
good mags
Review by John
If i have learned anything,its that keepshooting brand mags work just as good if not better than original mags. no complaints here,love these
Amazing Mag
Review by Dylan
The quality of these magazines is amazing. The spring is super strong and functions smoothly. The finish is a nice semi-matte black.
Best AK-47 Mags I've Ever Seen
Review by Jerry
While I'm no expert on firearms accessories, I have extensive experience designing military weapon-related hardware. These mags are built from very heavy-gage steel, have extremely high-quality welded construction, and an incredibly fine,durable fluoropolymer overall finish which I have never before experienced. I would expect unsurpassed moisture resistance & extremely low wall friction. Have not yet used them at the range, but based on design & fabrication, they outclass any AK-47 mag I've ever seen. Stay tuned for updates.
Very nice mags!
Review by TRENT
I bought these on the black Friday sale. I'm very impressed these are the best new production mags. They fit tight & function perfectly.
Awesome AK 30 round Deal,Best I ever saw!
Review by jim
I just got my first batch of 6 AK-47 mags in,there German made and well made not cheap stamped out Chinese crap.
Fine mags
Review by Duke182
So I bought one 30rd and one 40rd just to test this brand and I must say I'm impressed. I don't know what this teflon coating stuff does but it sure looks nice and works well. The 40rd clip looks to big for my WASR10 so I just ordered a bunch more of the 30rd.

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