AK-47 40-Round Magazine - High-Capacity Magazine for the AK-47

AK-47 40-Round Magazine

Manufactured to strict military specifications in a facility that holds numerous military production contracts, each of our AK-47 40-round magazines feature a design that is based on the original RPK 40-round magazine. As such, these magazines are designed to hold and feed 40 rounds of 7.62x39mm ammunition to your AK-47. Guaranteed to fit and function reliably in your AK-47 and its Kalashnikov-patterned variants, these magazines are a must-have accessory for any shooter.

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SKU IMP-0004
Color Black

Description / AK-47 40-Round Magazine


  • AK-47 40-Round Magazine
  • Caliber: 7.62x39mm
  • Capacity: 40 Rounds
  • All Steel Construction

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Manufacturer United Defense LLC

Customer Reviews

Real Nice Mags
Review by Chris
Got these a while ago and they are what you need. Function perfect and are built to last. Buy them!
These Guys make good stuff!
Review by david
I have put mine through the all four seasons and a few in between...the can take it.
You can be sure the quality is there and they are tough.
Review by William
Durable, reliable, and U.S. made! Glossy black is the only hit against these items.
Perfect for your RPK
Review by RemMax
I picked up 4 of these when they first came out for my RPK and they all worked perfectly
The RPK was originally made for the 40rnd mag so these look correct under it
I don't care for them as well in my regular AK's due to the excessive length but in the RPK they are a perfect fit

Great mags at a decent price
Thanks KS

Better than surplus
Review by Big Kahuna
These mags arrived today and before I even tore into the plastic I could tell these were of good quality. These mags are as good as if not better than the new surplus 40 round mags that I've been buying for double the amount....I'm about to buy some more ASAP!
I Just Bought 2 More...
Review by John
Because that is all that was available! I have bought more than 20 of these magazines and all that I can say is that they are the BEST AK magazines available!

Once they are available to buy again, you better stock up!
Review by Robert
My GP1975(Natasha) LOVES these snug fitting mags(No Wobble)

Thank you Keep Shooting for producing such a quality product.
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Review by AK Is The Way!
My GP1975(Natasha) LOVES these snug fitting mags(No Wobble)

Thank you Keep Shooting for producing such a quality product.
Long but functions perfectly
Review by RemMax
I bought 10 of these for my RPK's a while back and was quite pleased with them.
They fit all my AK 47 variants as well as my Krinkov in 7.62x39.
As well as fitting they all fit and function in all my Ak's.
I recently took 4 of them out to try out my new Slidefire Stock and they fed it as fast as I could run it and those Slide Fire stocks work really, really well!
Good mag at a good price. I wouldn't mind having 10 more in the near future. Hopefully they will get them back in stock soon!
Great Mags
Review by Xavier
These are great mags for ak get them while you still can.
Sweet Mag
Review by Jose USMCR
I would not want to patrol with one of these inserted because of the weight. However if this is your house or truck gun then game on! I love these and they run like champs. You wont be able to get into really low prone with these. However it's been my experience that these are more reliable than the 40rd AR mags.
Great buy
Review by jason
Bought a couple magazines a while back. Just got to shoot them today. Wow, 40 round rapid-fire what a blast. Can not be beat.
40 Round AK Mag
Review by Brian
I now have twenty, thirty, and forty round mags. These are excellent quality magazines. If I'm going out to shoot a lot for fun and want to spend less time reloading I use these. They work just as well as the thirty rounders from KeepShooting.
Perfect for MAK90
Review by Gabriel
These 40 round AK magazines are high quality and fit the MAK90 much better than bulgarian 30 rd mags; no rattle at all. No loading or feed problems. As expected, they are much glossier than standard blued mags and do show fingerprints, but are easy to wipe clean. Nice mags. Will order again.
Good Mag
Review by Truth
The mag works great and fits good. The finish is great really resistant against rust.
great mags
Review by The E
These mags are the real deal. made of tough durable steel and fires all 40 rounds without a hitch. these are the easiest mags to load from which i own. I should purchase some more.
Look No Further!!!
Review by paul
These are really awesome quality mags! Glide right in with no hitches and load very, very easy. No need for a mag loader with these. I got 2 of these on sale to try out. Will be getting more.
Best New Production Steel Magazines out there.
Review by Love to Keepshootin'
I had already ordered some 30 rounders here, and was impressed with quality, finish and function.
So I decided to also buy these 40 rounders vs getting Romanian Surplus mags.
Best decision I made in a long time.

One thing I noticed is that the spring in these seemed less tight.
I took apart the 30 and 40 rounders and realized that the springs in the 30 rounders was longer. I swapped them. Now they all have the same relative tension. They probably would have worked fine anyway.
I highly recommend buying these Keepshooting branded mags.
Great magazines!
Review by Thomas
Ordered 15 of these thus far and will order 15 more. Great quality mags. Fit my arsenals and my AES-10B like a champ!
Excellent mag!
Review by Nicholas
I was skeptical of these at first since this was my first purchase from this website. However, my 40 rd mag came in the mail last week and I tested it at the range earlier today. No jams, no FTF. It fits snug in my WASR. I'm a cheapo so my only complaint is the price, but it beats most other mag prices...and hold more rounds than the others as well. Overall, this mag is great. Buy it, you'll be pleased. Hopefully this special is stay up for another week. I intend to purchase three more!
Best AK47 mags I have ever bought
Review by Alan
I ordered ten of these recently. I have a variety of AK's and they fit extremely well in the pickiest of these. These are quality mags at an amazing price.
Good product, Great service!
Review by Gerald
Just received another four mags. I was very satisfied with my previous order of them. KS always packs everything well for shipping and ships promptly. Thanks KS!
Great Magazines!
Review by Joel
A nice gloss finish. Follower moves very freely. Initially I was skeptical because of the price and only ordered 2. I am now back to stock up at the great low price! Can't best this deal!
Great mags, awesome firepower
Review by AvidShooter
These 40 round AKM mags are great. They hold 30% more ammo than standard AK mags and you can't really tell they are any larger. One of the two that came with my RPK was dented to the point that the feeder would get jammed in the mag. I stripped it down, bent it back with a crowbar, oiled it and it works like a champ. Great product!
When 30 rounds is not enough
Review by Dirk
Runs the full 40 rounds great. Looks impressive. Helps to have a loading tool to get all 40 in the mag.
quality,best Ak mag on the market.
Review by Reddevil
This is absolutely the best magazine I have ever used.I have several dozen AK mags,but none compare to these.I ordered 2 to try,but will be ordering many more.They fit well and have the best finish I have ever seen on an AK mag.1000 rounds thru each,flawless
great mag for a ak
Review by Chris
These are quality steel mags. Exactly what I wanted 40 rounds instead of 30. I will buy more and recommend these to anyone who is looking for good quality AK mags. And they were shipped to me fast. Thanks keepshooting. I will do more business with you.
Review by clifford
I love the 40 Round mags they Fit Great in my Wasr 10 63 AK Best quality around
Great mag
Review by Killerkrow
I have ordered a couple of these mags...I was super pleased with the function and quality of these mags...I'm going to order 3 more...
Review by Thomas
Is the name of the game,... and 40 rds. is always going to be
better then 30 rds. ,... plus it looks so much more COOLER!!!
Great mags!
Review by ROBERT
Nice finish and fit in both of my AK's with minimal wobble . Also work with lula AK loader and are 100% reliable.
Great Great Deal
Review by Michael
I can not tell you how much I recommend this product...It is made very well...It feels like you have a mag in your hand not some cheap plastic crap...Did not have one ftl or ftf...
Review by Albert
well made mags
was exactly what i wanted! 40 rounds instead of 30
they fed great so far,200 rounds
i'll be back for more!
thanks keepshooting
the best magazine
Review by bush
these are absolutely the best magazine to buy, i have five they are high quality mags,the price is great thank you.
Good ak Mags
Review by Enrique
great finish and smooth. Looks like its finished in black teflon ,thumbs up! will buy more
High Quality RPK Mag
Review by Dylan
I bought these 40 rd mags for an RPK and they fit tightly and function flawlessly. Would definitely recommend these!
Great Quality Mags - MUCH Better Than Mil-Spec
Review by Jerry
While I'm no expert on firearms accessories, I have extensive experience designing military weapon-related hardware. These mags are built from very heavy-gage steel, have extremely high-quality welded construction, and an incredibly fine,durable fluoropolymer overall finish which I have never before experienced. I would expect unsurpassed moisture resistance & extremely low wall friction. Have not yet used them at the range, but based on design & fabrication, they outclass any AK-47 mag I've ever seen. Prices are unbeatable for this level of quality. A less glossy finish would be more desirable, but I am not sure how practical this would be to achieve with a fluoropolymer. Stay tuned for updates.
Very Nice
Review by Shawn
These are the best looking 40 rounders I have seen. They feel sturdy and there are no rough edges.
Top notch mags
Review by Desmostro
Great quality and finish. Fits perfect in sar-1 with no feed issues. Got two on previous order and ordered more the next round.
Review by Pattie
I have 4 AK variant rifles/pistols and these magazines fit and feed all of my rifles/pistols perfectly.
ABSOLUTELY THE BEST & really dress up any AK-47, I had to buy two more.!!
Review by Screamrp
Absolutely a must have for any AK-47 owner. Beautiful high quality finish unmatched by any other manufacturer, and they fit GREAT !! Smooth action. !!
Best Clips I've ever seen period !!
Review by Screamrp
These are the best Clips made today period. Best Value also, and super fast shipping. // Highly recommend !!!!!
Review by TNT in MI
Mags shipped fast and look amazing, got 4 30 rounders and 4 40 rounders, some of the 30s fit a little tight but no filing needed,, great magazines only one problem, the finish makes my AK look terrible
Outstanding Mags!!!
Review by sniper168
You absolutely cannot beat this price! The only reason I gave 4 stars for quality was because the black finish on these mags are a gloss black paint. They need to be flat black. But really not all that big of a deal.
Outstanding mags!!
AK47 40 Round Magazine
Review by Quaato
Brand new/never issued. Very strong/sturdy. These ain't no wimpy mags. Black Teflon finish is really good. Even the spring is black Teflon coated. If you want 40rd mags that will last a long, long time, get these! They just plain work and look good!
overly exhilarated
Review by AmmoHeadSteve
i cant wait until my new 40 rd. mags come in, i just ordered 5 of them and im anticipating on it to be a worthwhile wait!
i wasn't sure what to expect....... but now i will never buy anything other than this mag
Review by akcrazy
I have many 30, 40 rnd clips for my milled polish 1960 and this is the best one by far...the quality of the mag surpasses my expectations from what some others try to pass as mil spec this is a mag that will stand up to the AK reputation of durable,reliable no matter the conditions.this definitely will not be the last mag from keepshooting.. I ordered this mag with a few other products on a Sunday night and it was at my house Friday with standard shipping
Nice Mags
Review by Shotshell
I wasn't sure what to expect, but these are very nice 40rd AK47 mags. I bought a couple and both fit very nicely into my WASR 10/63. Very nice quality. Recommended!
ak 47 magazines
Review by ak 47
I got my magazines yesterday. They work GREAT!!!!! I will buy more. Fast shipping.
Very Nice
Review by custom2006
I have bought about 12-15 of these over the past year. They are brand new and built like a brick sh** house. I have never had any feed, issues at all. What I am wondering is what "akcrusader" is talking about...coupons? I have spent over $1,000.00 here in less then 12 months and I have never received any coupons???
The Best Magazine I've Ever Used
Review by AK47 Fan
This thing is built as good as milsurp mags, but it is more refined and nicer looking. Performance is great, 100% in both fit and function.

Only reason why I bought this was it said it wasn't Korean. I had very bad experiences with the korean 40 round clip.

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