Magazine Speed Loader for .223 / 556 Nato Magazines (AR15, M16 & Mini-14)

AR-15 Magazine Speed Loader

With the AR-15 magazine speed loader, you can cram 30 rounds of 5.56x45mm NATO or .223 Remington ammunition into 30-round magazines for your AR-15, M16 or Mini-14 faster than ever. Less time loading means more time shooting.

Description / AR-15 Magazine Speed Loader

The NcStar AR-15 magazine speed loader consists of two polymer components that make loading a 30-round AR-15 magazine to full capacity in 30 seconds or less a reality. To use the device, simply place the open end of the speed loaded over the feeding end of your magazine. Then, insert one stripper clip into the opposite end of the speed loaded. Finally, follow the stripper clip with the plunger in order to push the ammunition into the magazine. Remove the plunger from the opening. Doing so will also remove the stripper clip via the integral magnets located in the plunger. Continue this process until your desired capacity is reached.

  • Rapidly Load AR-15 Magazines
  • Made from Impact Resistant Polymer
  • Loads From Stripper Clips - 10 Rounds Per Cycle

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Manufacturer NcStar

Customer Reviews

Right out the box it is ready to Go
Review by Michael_Purdue
preferring my .308 to the newly built Colt M4 556 for a two person platform. Purchased several 30 rnd magazine and wanted to try a speed loader. Right out of the box, dropped 10 rnds in to each of 2 x 30rnd magazines without issue. This will work nicely. Good price and service to match.
faster than I can afford
Review by the other Michael
This has made every trip to the range with me since I bought it! Good way to make use of that precious range time. Too bad 5.56 costs what 308 used to!
Great for polymer magazines
Review by Conrad
This thing works like a dream for my Magpull magazines… I have had some issues with aluminum mags but I don't use much of those anyways. Overall good buy, nice job KS
Works on Mini14 mags as well
Review by RemMax
Along with stripper clips these are the best way to keep your mags ready without loading your mags for long term
Be sure to pick up more stripper clips as well
Works like a charm
Review by Michael
This loader make short work of loading mags. It is a must for high volume shooters or anyone else who wants to save their thumbs and fingertips. Good price for a quality product.
AR Speed Loader
Review by Brian
What can I say, another great product from KeepShooting. Really works well with ammunition that comes already on stripper clips. What a time saver!!!
less time standing around at the range loading
Review by Russ
great tool, loaded 200 rounds in a couple of minutes, loved the way the magnet holds on to the stripper clip without dropping on the floor. Now i really need a brass catcher.
hands down the best loader ever
Review by bruce
I wish i had this through 4 years of USMC ranges, snapping round by round by hand or off a nasty metal loader. this is a must have for rifle shooters who want more range time less prep time!
Unreal loading times
Review by Stephen
No more sore thumbs. No more bent feed lips. if your ammo is on stripper clips you can load a mag in about 10-15 seconds, faster with practice. You can even load loose rounds, just a bit slower. If you have an AR-15, this is a great thing to have.
quick reloading
Review by dave
these are great. a little bigger than the bandolier loader, but well worth the money. also works on the beta c mags i believe.
Review by NightStalker
Wahoo! No more sore thumbs loading magazines or using the older manual Stripper Adapters (keeping them for back-up).
I'm planning on ordering more of these so I have extras.

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