AR-7 Suppressors Volume 3

This excellent book offers instructions on how to construct a legal sound suppressor for the AR-7 rifle. The AR-7 rifle was developed by ARMALITE, the same division of Fairchild Industries that invented the M-16 rifle. There are many modern day versions of the AR-7, including the excellent Henry Survival Rifle. The sound suppressor plans in this book are for an integrated sound suppressor offering maximum performance.

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One of the best designed rifles for survival applications has been the AR-7. Designed by Eugene Stoner of M16 rifle fame, the AR-7 has been fielded by both military and civilian users since it was first produced in 1959. The modern Henry Survival AR-7 is a faithful representation of the original and it can be used as a host gun for this integrated suppressor project outlined in this book.

  • Complete plans for constructing an integrated sound suppressor for the AR-7 rifle
  • Discusses ATF approval requirements prior to starting construction
  • Chapter on Ammunition Requirements - Best choices for performance and sound levels
  • Chapter on Parts that can be fabricated vs purchased and materials construction
  • Final chapter on accuracy and sighting systems
Even if you have no plans to construct this sound suppressor, this book is an excellent manual that outlines the principles of how sound suppressors work.

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