ArmaLite GEN II AR-10 Magazine

The ArmaLite GEN II AR-10 magazine is an original factory-produced magazine designed for the ArmaLite GEN II AR-10 platform. As such, you should expect nothing but a perfect fit and flawless function in any ArmaLite AR-10. Designed to hold and feed a standard capacity of 20 rounds of either 7.62x51mm NATO or .308 Winchester ammunition to your rifle, these exceptional magazines feature a durable steel construction with a black finish for protection against rust and corrosion. As expected, these magazines represent both the quality and the value that long-time customers have come to expect from ArmaLite.

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Founded by George Sullivan in the early 1950s, ArmaLite, Inc. is an American small arms engineering company that first garnered attention after being incorporated as a subdivision of the Fairchild Engine and Airplane Corporation. From the company's first design in 1952, the Parasniper, to their modern handgun line, which includes the likes of the AR-24 and the AR-26, the company has maintained its position as an innovative engineering firm known for quality products – despite suffering several notable setbacks along the way. Its biggest successes, the AR-10 and the AR-15, are still among the industry's most popular platforms.

Today, ArmaLite, Inc. thrives under the leadership of Mark Westrom, a former United States Army Ordnance officer, and continues to produce a full line of state-of-the-art firearms, including the venerable AR-10.

As noted, the ArmaLite GEN II AR-10 magazine is an ArmaLite factory-produced magazine that is compatible with AR-10 rifle. The magazine is designed to hold and feed a standard capacity of 20 rounds of either 7.62x51mm NATO or .308 Winchester ammunition. Its durable steel body features a black finish that protects it from rust and other corrosion. Also noteworthy is its impeccable design, which is dramatically smoother than the M14 converted magazines that were once sold alongside AR-10 rifles. Each magazine features a steel follower, a 17-7 pre-hardened steel spring and a bolt stop trip that has been pressed outward to ensure a reduction in spring resistant and an increase in the magazine's tolerance for dust, dirt and debris. As is expected, this magazine benefits from the performance and reliability that has become characteristic of all ArmaLite factory products and is guaranteed to fit and function in your ArmaLite AR-10.

Generally speaking, it is beneficial to seek out original factory magazines like the ArmaLite GEN II AR-10 magazine for your firearms. Original factory magazines are manufactured by the same company to the exact same specifications and tolerances as those that ship with the firearms for which they were designed. They are also made from the same materials, which ensures both fit and function in your firearm.

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Overall Rating
Finally a Factory Magazine made specificaly for my gun!
Review by RemMax
I happened to see these on here one day and being Factory mags I ordered them Immediatly!
Glad I did to, Tried to order 5 of them right then but unfortunately was only able to get 2 as that was all they had in stock.
ANYWAY... on to the mags themselves, I have a Armalight AR10, Limited Edition 50th Aniversery Model Rifle
When I bought the gun (during the ban) it came with 1 10rnd mag and 2 20rnd mags that were all modified M1A mags
These New Armalite Mags are Not modified M1A mags at all!
These are indeed brand new mags made specificaly for the Armalite AR10
The follower is a new style, it no longer has the spring loaded plunger in the mag follower to activate the Last Round Hold Open but rather has a Tab Stamped into the rear of the Follower
Instead of having a Tab Welded on the back of a flat back mag,
The new Armalite Mags have a Raised Rid down the entire length on the back of the mag
This feature is very nice as it allows any excess debri that may get into your mag to be dumped out without disassembly that makes life easier all around.
The color of the new style Armalite mags match the rifle perfectly,
The Floor Plate has the Armalite Logo stamped into it nice and cleanly

The only CON side with this mag is that it cannot be used in your M1A in a pinch.
Overall a very nice mag that I hope to see more of in stock soon so I can buy at least 3 more for my Armalite AR10!

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