ASEK Survival Knife System

The Aircrew Survival and Egress Knife (ASEK) System by Ontario Knife Company is the official issued survival knife of the US Air Force and the US Army Air Warrior program. The ASEK system is composed of the knife, sheath, and ASEK tool which provides the soldier with a survival system in a compact package.

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  1. ASEK Survival Knife System
  2. Serrated Edge on Blade and Spine
  3. Over molded grip is insulated from electricity
  4. Glass Breaker Butt Cap - Doubles as Hammer
  5. Lanyard Hole In Grip
  6. Integrated Leg Straps on Sheath
  7. UPC: 071721014102
  8. NSN#: 1095-01-530-0833
  9. Made in the USA
ASEK Survival Knife System - Features and Details
More Information
Overall Rating
A Little Small, Good Functional Blade
Review by Keepshooting Customer
This 7-inch blade with a plastic grip and molded plastic sheath with belt loops was purchased as part of a backpack camping/emergency supply kit, and for my truck's car emergency kit. The sheath is durable, has good holding and retention of the knife, and allows use with or without a glove. It does not provide for good ventilation of the knife blade or retention if the knife is not held properly, though, as the dorsal sheath part could fall off. That may have happened during initial packaging and shipping. For the intended use, however, this knife should serve well. The blade seems very strong, made from quality steel. After testing for sharpness, the edge is easy to keep sharp, though will dull fast when in use. This makes it good for an emergency, or if used primarily for lighter tasks, but will be hard to maintain for tasks requiring heavy use.
Overall Rating
Great but expensive and odd.
Review by Keepshooting Customer
I purchased this knife for several reasons. The major reason was that, although I have many expensive survival knives, and some less expensive ones, I have never seen this one, even in the 25 years I have been into knives. I really wanted to see what all the hubub was about. The knife is good quality. I don't see any quality problems. However, the design does not work for me. The design reminds me of a child playing with their blocks and getting their shapes and designs right or wrong. The saw back reminds me of Scooby Doo's bowtie on steroids, as the saw does not line up properly with the blade's tip, even on a brand new knife. It is hard to explain, but see the photo. The sheath is also made in India, and I have a problem with that. I think Indian leather is too soft, which allows it to fray and warp more easily. I would prefer an American made leather sheath. This does not necessarily make the knife worthless, just harder to find a good one for it. The good things about the knife, aside from the historical aspect of it being the Army's blade for decades are the feel of the knife in the hand, the retention of an edge, and the feel of the pommel on the end of the handle, although some people do not like the way it feels on the palm of the hand when they grip the knife. The blade was sharpened well enough, with no irregularities or marks in the grind. But this particular knife has such a thick grind that, while it makes the knife tough, I find it difficult to sharpen to its full capability. I am not too sure about the coating on the pommel. It looks like some sort of hard plastic. The markings and lettering on the knife's edge is poorly applied, and a pain to read, as one can see in the photo. But all in all, it is an interesting, tough and useful knife, just with an odd look and design.
Overall Rating
Quality in an affordable package. Just what I needed
Review by Keepshooting Customer
Great for backpacking/ camping, an easily fit into pack.
Overall Rating
He was excited to get this!
Review by Keepshooting Customer
I ordered one for my husband and he absolutely loves it! We went camping a few weeks after he got it and we were telling him how nice it is. It's a knife he'll keep forever. I'm sure he'll be getting one for me soon! It's exactly what we wanted and then some. He's been looking for a knife to buy for awhile now and we were a little nervous because we didn't know what kind of a product we were going to get. When we got it and he used it, we were amazed at how good it is. It's the perfect addition to our little camping trips! Thank you to the vendor for being so amazing and quick at sending it out! We really appreciate it!
Overall Rating
OK I just got my first knife I'm glad I didn't buy another knife until I got this ...
Review by Keepshooting Customer
OK I just got my first knife I'm glad I didn't buy another knife until I got this survival knife, I don't think there is a better one out there this one is the cream of the milk in my opinion if you want a durable good survival knife this is it, I was on military sewing knives in CBI at Ft.Bragg N.C we went over a three knives before we got the GO no go order from the M.Ps on the back end you could tell when the manic cut the saw tooth blade off, if the edge had any meat left in it that's how I can pick this knife up just the quality the materials in it is good to go right out of the box it's perfect, for all the stupid lawsuits we have now in America for whatever it was made in China not much good is made in China, it came in with one small issue they broke one of the knife's they should put that one aside and let the buyer know, overall this knife you could kill somebody if you have to just like a hatch if I needed a heavy heavy thick hatch knife this would be a pretty nice heavy hatch knife just sayin for the slip around my opinion this is the knife to get from any of the mass sellers out there that have it that are a large mass seller and this knife be a perfect one for you just my thought if you have an Axe a knife or what ever if I had to be in the Wampus Wildlands or anything and this one wouldn't do for a heavy machete for heavy work it wouldn't, but for a tactical survival combat survival this one will do very well in my personal opinion
Overall Rating
Perfect Knife For The Price
Review by Keepshooting Customer
It is a nice knife for the money and it was exactly what I was looking for. My expectations were met. The picture I posted is after a week or two of abuse. The only downside to this knife is the latch to hold the sheath open is very small and sometimes gets in the way when using the knife or flipper.
Overall Rating
Very Sharp & well Balanced for throwing
Review by Keepshooting Customer
Excellent quality & good sized steel clip & pouch but a bad fit in my hip pouch
Overall Rating
good survival/backpack knife. Wanted the one with no swamp co ...
Review by Keepshooting Customer
Knife fits my needs perfectly for a bushcrafting/survival type knife. It does what it is suppose to do with minimal frills. Decent leather belt sheath and has a good hand guard on the end of the handle for additional protection from your own knuckles. Would have liked the black finish, rather than the dull blued finish, but that's a personal preference. I did try to put it on the knife by disassembling the grip, but just couldn't figure out how to get the black finish on, so re-attached it to the white one. Overall, I like this knife, for what it is. I was hoping to get the one that the guy in the pink has, but didn't see that one in the list of available knives, and by the time I did, I already bought this one. It will work for the intent I have it for. Hope this review is helpful.
Overall Rating
I still carry it to go camping and backpack
Review by Keepshooting Customer
Good solid little knife that came very sharp
Overall Rating
Great knife
Review by Keepshooting Customer
This is a great knife. I've been using it to chop up firewood and its done very well. It's also a good size so you can carry it in your pocket if you want.

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