ASEK Survival Knife

The ASEK Survival Knife from Ontario Knife Company is the one and only knife selected by the US Army for the Air Warrior Equipment System. Designed and manufactured by Ontario Knife to serve as a survival and egress knife you'll be served well when you've equipped yourself with the ASEK.

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  1. ASEK Survival Knife by Ontario Knife Company
  2. Includes Green Kydex Sheath and ASEK Strap Cutter Tool
  3. Blade Length: 4.938"
  4. Blade Style: Clip Point
  5. Overall Length: 10.25"
  6. UPC: 071721014003
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Overall Rating
a US Army Aseana Marine survival knife! great purchase
Review by Keepshooting Customer
For 50 bucks you get a us military ASEK knife,the government stopped this project in 2001 for unseen reason, very nice feel in my hand, full tang blade, big chunk ole American Steel in the sheath with a great cover and snap on. if you like Aseka knives and can handle the leather then your are set! no cary cards,no ks-8, kbar a single handed leather sewn Aseana Marine knife to stay sharp out of a factory ,with the paperwork and leather strap on the cover. and its on it! all of it is metal, there is nothing fancy, so not alot of stupid chips out there that would try to do 10 or more dremel work, I am ready. hope you like the review and if you need to contact us please call me in kenai AK
Overall Rating
Made in USA!! Great survival knife. Buy now.!
Review by Keepshooting Customer
Very good knife, nice weight and blade shape is solid. It comes in its own hard knife case and has a molle case you can purchase for carrying on your gear. I really love it. Also this one is made in USA. And made in Ontario New York. My friend just ordered one. You should too. Buy this badboy and add it to your gear now. You won't regret it! :) Don MKT(MAKEKILLTRAIN).
Overall Rating
Review by Keepshooting Customer
Just recieved my latest Ontario Survival knife. 325. I have them both 490 steel, and this 325 as I have been informed is hardened steel in US which in this case in my estimation a wise decision. It may not be as tough but as I said this is a survival knife as the last one I have used is still razor sharp after cutting many different trees, pine and oak. They have many more than this survival type of folding knife with a good steel. Worth it! A different brand of knife of 2.75inch Bowie that is 420, It was almost sharp and with it came only a flimsy type paper sharpener that will need another of better type! My new KaBar arrived today.It too is very good! It has an extra piece in the sheath so when in folded in pocket it keeps a bottle cap from sliding out when knife slips out. Have another knife like that from Kershaw? Did not fit it as snugly. All knives in our families get many uses.
Overall Rating
Good but handle is crap. Needs sheath made for it
Review by Keepshooting Customer
This thing came with everything you see in the photo except a better knife and sheath. If I'm being honest I can't see what the big deal is with this one and the other SOG BK series but hey it is a lot less expensive and seems to be just as good, the blade was super sharp out of the box and everything seems durable. But you're going to want to get a good knife sharpener and make sure you sand the handle because it is some of the worst woodwork I've ever seen, it is like something from a bad episode of WKRP in-cahoots with Bobby's unfinished toolbox. My final thought is it is worth the buy, just make sure you spend a little extra on a proper leather sheath for it. Also be aware the scabbard has metal clips so this is a throw down, flip it around the hand, or slip it on kind of a knife so make sure you are cool with that. 11/10 recommend
Overall Rating
Nice addition to the ASEK
Review by Keepshooting Customer
It's pretty, it's not very sharp, and there's a lot to dislike about the knife. But I really like it. I bought it because the design has a nostalgic look for me, it has similarities to some Cold War-era blades. I'm kind of a tool-collector and it's nice to find one that can actually be used in the field. For a $20 knife I can forgive the gripe about the retention on the scabbard. The serrations do get a workout, and the thin blades take and hold a good edge. I wouldn't recommend it for someone who wants to spend time honing the blade to perfection, but if you just want a cheap knife that you can keep sharp, and you like ASEKs then this is the one for you. It comes packaged pretty rough, mine had to have been sharpened and was a bit over due for a good oil bath. The butt of the handle had an ugly over-paint job that needed to be stripped and refinished. But after a little care and feeding, it's a useful blade.
Overall Rating
Five Stars
Review by Keepshooting Customer
love the look and the heft.
Overall Rating
No sheath for Ontario knife
Review by Keepshooting Customer
This is a nice, solid knife. If I had ordered it with a case I would not have had a problem. I didn't, so it was my problem. But when the last screw came out I lost my grip and watched it tumble down my driveway into the gutter and splash in some filthy muck. Now it's really screwed up. Oh, well, that's why I keep telling myself not to buy a knife without a sheath. You would think they would take that into consideration when making the listing, but no. You might want to think about it. Otherwise it's a great knife.
Overall Rating
Solid! But... could use sharpening.
Review by Keepshooting Customer
Bought this a couple weeks ago. I really like the grip texture. The knife came pretty sharp. It wasn't cutting sharp, just the edges felt like they could be sharpened with a whetstone, but it was close enough that I was pleased with the out of the box edge that it had. 1 week later I decided to use it for some bushcraft. After cutting a few logs with it, I couldn't believe how dull the blade was! It's the exact same condition as when I got it! I sharpened it a bit and the results were surprising. Now the knife feels more solid than ever and I don't worry about how dull it gets because I can fix it easily. Would've loved it to have come sharpened a bit better out of the box, but overall I'm happy with the ASEK Survival Knife. The sheath is okay, I wouldn't trust it to keep your knife safe from falling out. The only way I could imagine it not being easy to remove from the sheath would be to choke the tip of the blade. I would like to add, if you're not comfortable with sharpening your own blades, you should be. It's really not hard at all. Also, make sure you have the correct kind of stone for your blade. A straight edge requires a certain kind of whetstone and you can buy one if you want, but a fine tooth hand stone works just fine for the job. There's plenty of tutorials on YouTube if you need help with this step.
Overall Rating
A must have
Review by Keepshooting Customer
I’ve owned many similar style knives, most all of them made in china. This knife has been built like no other, a thicker solid steel guard and even the back plate was made to look more tactical. This knife is 3.5 inches wider at the tip than most knives its size, making the edge longer and thicker. The durability of this knife can’t be matched, and you’ll be satisfied knowing it will out last you. My only con would be the included sheath, the knife itself has many angles making the mold to the sheath nearly impossible to match perfectly and this shows because it loosely snaps into place. It does stay in place though. The blade came sharp and ready to use and i recommend getting a liner, mine was smooth and easy to slide in. This knife should not be rated lower than its worth, even being built in tt.
Overall Rating
a decent tool for outdoor activities
Review by Keepshooting Customer
I got the K12 Survival knife and also saw it available in tan with ASEAL stamping. This survival knife has plenty of space to apply for logos, trademarks or insignias and the item appears a genuine issued military product. However this particular issue does not seem to be a special designation from A.S.E. with the product listing for item AS-K12 having not that particular marking or item designator on it at all, that is only a different picture that is also displayed on an Amazon search. A SEAL knife. The one I got does seem sturdy in build but not as rigid as one would expect. Not a major issue. The blade arrived well sharpened with a decent amount of burr left on the edge. Although with some fine and some course wet stones that burr was completely removed leaving a clean sharp cutting edge. That knife is not of typical carbon steal or carbon black. But made from typical carbonized stainless spring steel alloyed for durability. The nylon is a hardy coarser type which should withstand many beatings but not of super strong polyamide. So I believe that item may prove a durable field knife with any heavy chores thrown its way. Overall, I am satisfied with my purchase and will get another when my buddy wants to replace his for going camping or hunting in Alaska and I go with him. The only complaint I would make would be that in some online pictures the black military d-ring seems larger in circumference. However it still does the trick on this blade for attaching it around the sheath. ( I think it's correct).

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