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The Austrian Alpine Backpack is an Austrian Army backpack that is used by troops who operate in the Alpine region of Austria. Made of a cotton blended material and finished in the standard Austrian Olive Drab green, this pack is military tough without the military appearance. Packed with features that give this bag an edge on commercially made backpacks and at a price level only military surplus can offer, this backpack belongs in your collection.

The Austrian Alpine Backpack is a current issue pack that is used by soldiers operating in the Alpine regions of Austria. These soldiers are routinely deployed to the mountain region of Austria which is composed of the Alps, which is some of the toughest terrain in Europe. With this environment in mind, the Austrian army worked to develop this versatile and tough backpack for these specialist troops.

First and foremost, this backpack is packed with features that give Alpine soldiers an advantage. With the weather variations in the Alps, each unit will have their own specific needs for equipment. This backpack is packed with lashing straps, velcro loops, and exterior accessed pockets to give each soldier the ability to customize their load out without needing to issue multiple backpacks. The features do not stop with the ability to attach gear, there are also considerable efforts put into making this backpack fully adjustable for comfort. Adjustment points include the padded shoulder straps, removable interior padded back, top carry handle, and a buckle to connect the shoulder straps at your chest.

One of the more interesting features of this Austrian Alpine Backpack is the detachable top which can transform into a small hand carry bag. This hand carry bag has two pockets, one interior water resistant and one exterior. When not being used with the backpack it could be easily detached and carried into the woods for a short hike away from your base camp. Think of this as two bags for the price of one, with the quality being Austrian Army yet the price being below commercial grade packs that lack even half of the features of this backpack.

  • Austrian Army Alpine Backpack
  • Adjustable Padded Shoulder Straps
  • D-Clips for Attaching Additional Gear
  • Large Adjustable Lashing Straps - Add Bedroll, etc.
  • Expandable Drawstring Closed Water Resistant Interior
  • Removable Padded Back
  • Two Interior Segemented Pockets
  • Bottom Exterior Zippered Pocket for Storage
  • Buckle Attached Top - Removable Can Be Used as Hand Carry Bag
  • Never Before Imported - Extremely Rare Bag
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