Austrian Army Field Jacket

Austrian Army Field Jacket

The Austrian Army Field Jacket is an authentic military surplus jacket from Austria. Austrian soldiers are issued this field jacket for use during the Spring and Fall where the weather is not cold enough to warrant a heavy duty jacket but weather dictates the need for an outer layer.

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Description / Austrian Army Field Jacket

The Austrian Army is unique in many ways including their decision not to use a formal camouflage pattern. Articles produced for use by the Austrian Army are made using a distinctive olive drab green. Once you are familiar with this shade of olive drab green you can quickly recognize items like this field jacket as being from the Austrian Army by the use of this color alone.

While the color on Austrian Army issued equipment is unique, it is far from the only unique aspect of this field jacket. The material used to produce this field jacket is RipStop material which will help prevent any rips or tears from ruining the jacket. Most modern military forces no longer use RipStop as it costs more than traditional fabrics. This field jacket also has a vintage look that is not overly military, perhaps making it the only military issued jacket that is truly "urban" camouflage. You can wear this field jacket in a public setting and only those familiar with the Austrian Army would recognize it as a military jacket.

  • Authentic Austrian Army Field Jacket
  • Made from RipStop Material
  • Two Zippered Chest Pockets
  • Ventilation Holes Under Arms
  • Collar Loop for Hanging On Hook
  • Large Button Up Front
  • Elastic Waistband for Best Fit

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Manufacturer Austrian Army Surplus

Customer Reviews

Decent field jacket
Review by MelV
Decent used field jacket, nice material and well built. I got the III/IV-96/100 which looks like US Medium with some room for shirts underneath. My jacket is a little faded and does not look like the one in the picture.
Review by ejd
I recently bought one of these from Varusteleka and was horribly disappointed. The item was heavily worn and missing many zipper pulls. I threw it right in the garbage.

However, the one I received from KeepShooting was apparently brand new with "made in Austria" tag still attached. A wonderful, lightweight field jacket that doesn't look overly military and is exceedingly high quality. Fit me like a glove, too. I adore Austrian surplus clothes as they fit my Anglo-Saxon-descended self like very few civilian items in the US will.
Functional lightweight jacket
Review by Julio
I can't speak to the durability of this jacket because I just received it yesterday. It appears to be very well made and practical. It looks to be brand new with no missing buttons or wear. It's only a single layer with no lining, so it's definitely good for warmer weather. I'm 6'-0" and 180 lbs and the medium (Austrian V-VI) fits me perfectly, with room for a light sweater or fleece under it. The pockets are great with smooth-running YKK zippers and elastic loops in the shoulder pocket for pens and such. All in all, a functional jacket with a stylish look at a great price.
I've already bought a spare!
Review by Harry
These are totally awesome. Looks good, quality material, and deep pockets. You could easily pay triple for a less quality jacket at the big brand camping stores.
Five Stars
Review by Survivalism is Freedom
This has quickly become one of my favorite jackets. It is well made, looks nice, and breathes well in hot weather. For the price it simply cannot be beat. Buyers be aware that there are multiple versions - some are cut slightly differently and have different features.
Good thin Jacket
Review by Alexander
Great for spring and fall, I don't see this falling apart.
Good jacket
Review by Iron
Good quality, light weight, all around durable.
Great Jacket!
Review by Shane
This jacket is great! It has the impression of looking like a regular department store jacket, while still having the versatility of a tactical jacket. Thanks Keep Shooting!
Very good low cost jacket
Review by Devin
I picked up one of these because of the super low price. After receiving a medium jacket I discovered that the sleeves were a tad bit short, so I contacted keepshooting and got an exchange for a larger size. Keepshooting customer service was fast and effective.As for the jacket it's made of a moderately thick material good for cool and cold days. The pockets have elastic for holding items securely and the jacket is made of high quality ripstop fabric. The zippers are also very good and the velcro spots are an extra bonus. This is one of the newer versions of Austrian surplus clothing and is brand new.So get one.
Well made used surplus
Review by Joe
Ordered 2 at this price. 1 came with button sleeves& missing some buttons & zipper tabs,2nd with Velcro sleeves & intact zip tabs. Well made ripstop textiles. Roomy pockets bigger than US current issue a plus. Looks smart and not take that hill cammo pattern blends well in urban setting. Tough & durable thanks again
Good summer weight jacket
Review by Chris
If you're around 6'4" or less and have a medium chest, the following size seems to fit well: Austrian V-VI / 96-100 (Medium, 38" - 40" chest, Height 180 - 190cm). I measured sleeve length on this size to be about 34" (look up sleeve length measurement if needed, this length includes distance from middle of neck/back to shoulder stitching, plus sleeve length from shoulder stitching to wrist). If you're around 6', this sleeve length should be about right. Over 6'4" and they'll be too short . At 6'4" height, the sleeves are just slightly too short, but still satisfactory. I'm skinny and there's still significant room in the chest for a bigger person. Fabric is a summer weight rip stop material, maybe cotton/polyester. This jacket is thin and I don't believe it would block wind well, and certainly won't block water at all. Such summer weight material is just inherently not all that tough, either. Condition is used, but in very good shape. Has button-up front (not zipper) and button-up cuff adjustment. Pocket zippers are YKK and in good shape. Jacket falls near hips, not below like a BDU jacket. Velcro (loop material) on both upper sleeves and name tag. Velcro areas on sleeves are pretty small compared to large rectangular patches on American uniforms, and have an ogive shape matching whatever patches were attached. I think this jacket would work well on a cool summer evening (60s F) or in the fall with a fleece under it, provided you don't expect rain. I think the overall appearance is excellent (not too 'Taxi Driver', you talkin' to me?!) and plan to use as a casual jacket with some non-military shirt underneath.
Nice jacket but a little small
Review by phil
I got the biggest size and it's a bit small or maybe I'm a bit too fat for the Austrain Army!

Quality is excellent, son thinks it's great.
Good Utilitarian Windbreaker
Review by Dark Earth
First off, I emailed customer service and got an explanation of the sizing. This worked as mine fits great, sleeves perfect and body spacious, but not oversized. The material is a lightweight, rip-stop cotton. Color is a less military looking OD green that can pass as a basic jacket. It's a good windbreaker over a shirt, sweater, vest, etc. I'm going to wear this in warm weather too, with tee to keep sun off when hiking or fishing and to have more pockets available. The three zippered pockets are all good. The two front pockets are big, and the sleeve pocket holds a wallet, penlight, pen, etc. The tab you see on the front over the buttons is a Velcro strap that holds a pair of light leather work gloves good 'n tight. Good utility. For the price you can't go wrong.
Review by Fernando
Missing one button, no problem though. Windbreaker kind of function shirt feel to it. I can get 6 20 round mags in a zip pocket, drop in the other as a quick response thing....of course just a couple of mags is practical weight wise, but that's how much room is in these f2 pockets !
Threw a sweater on, this shirt over it and spent an hour outdoors, 35 degrees, was ok. With thermals would have been perfect.
Excellent light jacket
Review by Steve
I live in SW Florida and a good light jacket is very handy for fall/winter/spring. This is a great choice. I particularly like the sleeve pocket as it has 3 elastic bands inside and I keep a small flashlight along with a pencil and paper rolled up in another loop. Short waist is a plus as well as generic o.d. that goes with everything. Sizing is tricky the multiple combinations are based on height so I call KS and got it straight

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