Austrian Army Pup Tent

The Austrian Army Pup Tent is composed of two shelter half sets. Each shelter half set contains the shelter half, four tent poles, 5 tent pegs, and 1 guide line. Each of the shelter half sets that make up the tent can be used individually to form a variety of shelters, or used together to make up a complete tent.

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  1. Assembled the tent sleeps 1-2 soldiers with gear comfortably
  2. Water Resistant Polyamide/Polyurethane Coating
  3. Complete shelter system, stores easily in two included carry pouches
  4. Great for preppers, scouts, or emergency services crew
  5. Authentic Austrian Army Surplus
  6. Made in Austria

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Customer Reviews

Great quality!
Review by Victor
Verified Buyer
This thing is awesome . Was just gona throw it in my shtf pack but I might actually take it camping . Had one 2" cut in it but a little needle and thread got it fixed. For the price I may buy another
Sticky and Stinky
Review by DizGuy
Verified Buyer
Nasty smell and urethane delaminating into sticky mess. I know it's used, but c'mon...note this in the description that you may get a sticky mess. I washed both halves and then spent hours with rubbing alcohol trying to get laminate removed. I then sprayed with silicone spray. It appears to be repellant but not waterproof. I'd save your money.
Great tent, although mine had a problem.
Review by Anon
Verified Buyer
I haven't used this tent in the field yet, but from setting it up once in the yard I think the quality and construction are great. The shelter halves also come with their own pouches for easy pack-up and transport. The halves by themselves are easy to fold up and I don't have the problem I have with conventional tents where I struggle to get them back in the case, they fold up very easy and I usually have a little bit of room left in the pouch. They both together weigh about 2-4 pounds I'd say, but if you didn't want to carry all that you could use them as they were designed and bring a friend along and have him carry one.

However, mine had the problem that old tarps with the urethane waterproofing in them get where one side of the shelter halves were sticky, one of them very sticky, almost like fly paper. This is because the waterproofing is failing because of age and/or storing the tarp while it's wet or in a wet place, and considering my halves were made in the mid-late eighties I'd say it's the age. I got some Nikwax Tech Wash and washed them with that vigorously in the tub, and that took the stickiness out of one half and lowered the stickiness of the other to where it's almost negligible. I then treated the tent with Nikwax Solarproof spray just to be safe, since I probably washed out .
Excellent, practically unused though issued condition.
Review by Chris
Verified Buyer
Though I have yet to utilize this tent in the field, there is no doubt in my mind that with the very clean and never-unraveled condition of the fabric upon inspection that this it will perform its intended function just as well when these were in production however many years ago they were in issue.

Great value for a good quality product!
Got another one!
Review by Thomas
Verified Buyer
Just had to order another one because they are a great deal at $24.95. The second tent I ordered was crisp and almost new with a small repair to the polyurethane coating the size of a silver dollar,Tent pegs and poles almost new too.Now For under 50 bucks I'll never need another pup Tent.Thank you Cheaper than dirt.

Review by Thomas
Verified Buyer
I like my Austrian Tent even better since it came with German Tent pegs. Maybe an Austrian and German soldier either traded pegs,did it as a joke,or just got them mixed up on maneuvers.Either way I'm very happy with this versatile and lightweight shelter.
Compact, Durable, Perfect for Two!
Review by Adele
Verified Buyer
This is a delightful tent for two. The olive drab color creates a cozy ambiance for the outdoor adventurers. It's conveniently re-stowed in two packets with slots for the strong tent pegs, included (see 2nd photo). Though no instructions are supplied it's pretty self-explanatory and actually fun to set up! The two shelter halves are buttoned together and could even serve multi-purpose uses for the creative mind :). This is also one of the easiest tents to take down when breaking camp . . . folding happily back into its compact carry pouches, no problem, flat storage with no odd shapes or stuffing madness.
Are you kidding me?
Review by Paul
Verified Buyer
This was an incredible deal for the money, this is a way better put together tent then the one our military put out.the packaging and the organization is genius. I own a lot of military surplus and have yet to find stakes this good yet, I was really surprised. The way they are packed flat is a bonus. A perfect Bugout bag setup and light enough for you to carry alone but it would be nice to have a buddy carry half:) worth it just to have an extra on hand just in case. Buy one.
Very good quality, perfect for any outdoor activities.
Review by Angel
Verified Buyer
Item was very quickly shipped. Slightly/barley used, almost new. Only field time it probably saw was just learning how to set it up and repack it. Mine didn't come with the tie down keeper. Wished it would have, but hey, it's mil surplus. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is interested in investing into this tent. With each half having its own storage case, it lightens the load if two people each pack a half into the bush. It also would stowaway easy and flat into a pack , leaving room for all your other gear. The aluminum poles and stakes are very heavy duty and the weight isn't too bad either. For those who are weight conscious about their gear, you can easily leave either the poles and stakes out and find some sticks to do the job. I personally would just pack them.
Good value
Review by Bill
Verified Buyer
Tent came with all components with each half in a separate bag. Each bag contained enough parts for each shelter half making organizing pieces easy. Easy set up and appears it will be waterproof. Tent halves appeared to be new and nice quality. Light weight overall for any outdoor activity. Enough room for two with gear. Worth the money by any standards.
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