Austrian Army UT-2000 Half Sled Pack

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The Austrian Army UT-2000 Half Sled Pack is a current issue NATO rescue sled that was previously issued to soldiers in the Austrian Army. Soldiers would wear the UT-2000 into their area of operations in the Winter where it can quickly be deployed to use as a snow sled to carry equipment on the snow.

The Austrian Army UT-2000 Half Sled Pack is a versatile toboggan style sled that has been designed for use by the military and rescue professionals. One UT-2000 can be used to tow equipment on the snow, or two UT-2000 Half Sleds can be connected to make a full sized sled. The versatile functions of the UT-2000 are well documented on the instructional sticker that is found on each sled showing the capabilities which will give you inspiration on how the UT-2000 can be utilized for your own needs.

  • Authentic Austrian Army UT-2000 Half Sled Pack
  • Toboggan Style Sled - Capable of Attaching Two Creating Full Sled
  • Lightweight and Strong - Carry Heavy Equipment Load on Snow
  • Versatile - Use to Haul Gear or Ride Down Snow Covered Hill for Fun
  • Imported from Austrian Army and Used in Virtually All NATO Forces
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