Austrian Feldmesser 78 Knife

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The Austrian Feldmesser 78 is the standard issue bayonet and fighting knife of the Austrian Army. Designed and produced by GLOCK, the FM 78 continues to be the bayonet of choice for the Austrian armed forces. This reproduction FM 78 captures all of the useful details of this fighting knife but eliminates the bayonet socket which more closely reproduces how this knife is used by soldiers in the field.

The Austrian Feldmesser 78 was one of the first military articles produced by GLOCK. Making use of GLOCK's well known polymers for the grip and special carbon steel for the blade the FM 78 knife was revolutionary in design. Over 30 years later the FM 78 is still in use by the Austrian armed forces and is still produced under contract by GLOCK.

This reproduction of the FM 78 is made in Austria and comes with the standard FM 78 plastic sheath. The fit, feel, and finish is identical to the standard Austrian army FM 78 with even the color being correct.

There are no markings on either the bayonet or the sheath making it ideal for displays, theater work, or reenacting where your original FM 78 should stay protected.

  • Reproduction Austrian FM 78 Knife
  • Desert Sand Color Sheath and Handle
  • Made in Austria
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