Austrian Leather Field Suspenders

What happened to fashion? What happened to men dressing like men? It seems that style – among many other values of the past – has all but disappeared. Today, you only see suits at job interviews – if you’re lucky. Today, fashion is characterized by an oversized shirt and a pair of sagging pants. It’s time you join forces with and introduce the 21st century to the style of yesterday. Start out by hitching up your pants with our Austrian leather field suspenders.

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The Austrian leather field suspenders are used military surplus items in good condition. Each pair of suspenders is constructed from high quality leather and includes steel buckles that provide a secure attachment. They are only available in one size, as the straps are adjustable and subscribe to a “one size fits most” approach. The shoulder straps also utilize a soft padding to prevent the tough leather from becoming too uncomfortable.

Though these suspenders were designed originally to be worn with WWII era Austrian military uniforms, a little polish and elbow grease can buff these into a stylish fashion accessory. They will also make a fine addition to any military buff’s WWII collection.

Consider the Austrian leather field suspenders for:

- Collectors

- Reenactments

- Stage and theater production

- Movie production

- Dress clothing

History Lesson

Suspenders, known by some as braces, are traditionally used in place of a belt to hold up pants. Invented in 1822 by Albert Thurston, modern suspenders were widely used until they were characterized as underwear – making public displays of suspenders improper. That didn’t stop Larry King, however, who is perhaps the world’s foremost suspenders enthusiast.

They have also traditionally been a large part of skinhead fashion.

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Austrian Army Surplus
Overall Rating
Exactly what you'd expect
Review by Niodox
I got these to help complete a KAZ57 Austrian infantry kit. At 14 bucks for 2 you really can't go wrong. They are definitely surplus with some associated wear and tear. The pair I got had good solid padding. Metal was intact although the galvinization was a little worn (lots of white dust on the straps touching the metal although it wipes clean with no effort). The under arm straps were worn but serviceable (and indeed probably take the biggest beating. Was able to use it to set up a belt with FAL pouches, canteen, E-tool, breadbag with no problems.

Overall a solid pick.
Overall Rating
Took mine apart for backpack straps
Review by seth
Cheap hardware! I took mine apart and kept all the metal for another poject, riveting the straps on to a british p37 backpack I got at a fleamarket. Now this thing rocks!

These might also be good for load-bearing on long hikes. Grab some czech belt d-rings from the net and you can use them for holding ammo pouches!
Overall Rating
Austrian suspenders
Review by J.
Very nice, usable suspenders. Happy with the condition of these. May buy more in future.
Overall Rating
Great condition
Review by Nanners
Purchased these to replace a very poor pair that had come with a vintage Austrian rucksack. It's a good price for two, both pairs are in very good condition to include pliable leather. If you have a use for them I would definitely recommend.
Overall Rating
Musty and dusty
Review by Manyclunkers
I purchased these to replace the straps on an old backpack, and one of the pairs worked well for that use. However, the other pair was so moldy and worn that I had to throw it out. These were made of very high quality at one time, however bad storage has not helped them over the years.

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