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  1. The North Safety Sterile Burn Sheet is a large 60 x 96 sheet that is designed to treat severe burns. With this sheet being sterlized you can ensure that a serious burn will not become even worse due to becoming infected before arriving at a burn center. Included in each package is a set of safety pins to ensure you are able to secure the burn sheet once it has been applied.

  2. The Knuckle Woven Adhesive Bandages are a box of 40 bandages designed to treat injuries to the knuckles. This type of injury is very common on job sites where construction or heavy tools are being used. These bandages are latex free and made from woven cloth for ultimate flexibility and comfort to ensure rapid healing.

  3. The North American Rescue S-Rolled Gauze is the ideal solution for gauze. North American Rescue has designed an easy to use, compact, cotton s-rolled gauze that is designed for both linear wound packing and basic bandaging.

  4. The Emergency Trauma Dressing (ETD) from North American Rescue is a series of bandages engineered using data from over 63 After Action Reviews of real world battle dressing applications. Consisting of an elastic wrap that features a sterile non-adherent pad and a durable securing device with an innovative Quick-Grip Roll Control configuration. All together these features facilitate a rapid, controlled, and effective application of the trauma dressing no matter how demanding the conditions are.

  5. Burns can happen at any time and can cause life-threatening situations. The H&H Sterile Burn Blanket provides a fast response to burns large and small.

  6. For First Responders, Military, Law Enforcement and related fields, the Thin H compression bandage provides a fast, effective tool for many kinds of traumas and injuries (particularly those involving arterial bleeding in extremities).

  7. H&H Compressed Gauze takes care of moderate to severe wounds involving heavy blood loss.

  8. The H&H Compressed Elastic Wrap bandage is perfect for when you need something small, light, and functional to wrap an injury.

  9. H&H Medical's Combat Eye Shield is a patented design that was made according to the specifications of several active duty surgeons serving in the Iraq and Afghanistan war zones to cover penetrating eye injuries.



9 Item(s)