Beretta 92A1 CO2 Full Auto BB Pistol

Beretta 92A1 CO2 Full Auto BB Pistol

The Beretta 92A1 CO2 Pistol is a full-auto capable airgun that is an authentic Beretta licensed pistol. With the look, feel, and operational characteristics of the real Beretta 92 handgun this CO2 pistol makes an excellent training tool. There is a small difference between the real Beretta 92A1 and the CO2 pistol replica and that is the addition of a select-fire switch. When this selector is flipped up this air pistol will fire continuously until you release the trigger in full auto mode, whire will empty all 18 BBs in less than 1/2 of a second.

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Description / Beretta 92A1 CO2 Full Auto BB Pistol

The Beretta 92A1 Full-Auto CO2 Pistol may be the most fun you can have with an air pistol. From the first time you take it out of the box you will be an instant fan of this high performance replica air gun. The look, feel, and overall design of this CO2 pistol mimics the original Beretta 92A1 near perfectly with only minor differences visible to those familiar with the two weapons. Once you first shoot this air gun, you will immediately want to try out the full-auto selector setting where this pistol excels at shooting all 18 BBs at lightning fast speeds.

  • Authentic Licensed Beretta 92A1 CO2 Pistol
  • Select Fire - Semi or Full Auto Operation
  • Blowback Design - Ultra Realistic
  • 18-Shot Drop Free Magazine
  • All Metal Frame and Magazine
  • Weaver Rail for Accessories
  • Power Source: 12g CO2 Cartridge 

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Customer Reviews

Fits like a glove

Review by Laurren R.
Verified Buyer

Heavy piece just like my real one. Detail is spot on and it's a blast to shoot. You can't go wrong for the money, 5 stars!

Great feel

Review by Aryanne K.
Verified Buyer

It is nice and built well. Had a lot of fun shooting this with my son.

Muy real y de cuidado

Review by Vincent H.
Verified Buyer

Muy real.

Co2 was a problem for me

Review by Nataya E.
Verified Buyer

I like it but some as I load it up with the co2 it leaks out so fast when putting it in the clip and it was emptying 4 clips but now it’s only 3

Bad ass joint

Review by Collette V.
Verified Buyer

Bought this like a month ago ans was really impressed- accuracy on point has a great feel to it and ita just a fun piece.
Looks like a legit- don't mess around and get shot

Won't fire after 3 month. Malfunctioned trigger. Used only once.

Review by Jerre V.
Verified Buyer

Won't fire after 3 month. Malfunctioned trigger. Used only once.

Seals went bad after 1 month of use

Review by Nichalas B.
Verified Buyer

The seals went bad after 1 month of use in the magazine.
Magazine wont hold co2. Haven't even gone through 500 shots yet and now I can't even return or replace the item. I am very disappointed because this gun is now useless.

Co2 leaks in the clip as soon as you load it.

Review by Patrece S.
Verified Buyer

Very fun while it lasted and it didnt last that long due to the co2 leaking out full tanks as soon as I tighten it down in the clip. I have three clips and all three have the same problem

Terribly weak pot metal parts will break,slide jams gets stuck,breaks!

Review by Mariah B.
Verified Buyer

This use to be my pistol I wish I could afford and always wanted.
Sadly I went crazy and bought 6 of them when I got the chance thinking it would be my favorite pistol that I always wanted. After buying 4 Airsoft versions and 2 BB versions they’ve all but one broken. And they’ve all broke from field stripping the slide off and on in two cases the very first time doing it. Not only do the safety switches break off which fully disable the safety function causing smaller parts to fall free from the pistol but it’s the small silver frame piece on the farthest right of the frame that sticks up and can be depressed with a springing action that’s connected to the full/semi auto switch. When in semi the price will not depress when in full it will but no matter which mode it’s in it will break off. Though this Airsoft/BB pistol feels solid as a brick every internal metal piece that articulates is made of a zinc or pot metal which breaks if slightly gets hit or bent. The slide movement is too tight causing the slide to show no give when stripping and often gets stuck on the frame close to the half way point. The metal guide rod also causes some of the jam and even when getting the slide on often the guide rod will move out of place causing a really bad jam which causes no other conclusion but a broken one.
The worst of all this is the frame rebuild kits do not offer that part so there’s no fix after this happens.
If you ever see videos online of people wondering why their M92A1 will only shoot in full auto it’s because they’ve broken that tiny silver piece I’m speaking of and not noticed it because the bottom half still stays attached. Being I bought so many of them I was able to go back and look at the others.
Unfortunately every time it happened I’d just move to a new one and almost immediately it would happen again. My only working one now is a metal BB frame with an Airsoft slide on it. This doesn’t mean that piece is any stronger though the two are identical in terms of parts and build I just didn’t want to mess up a new slide m. Any live I’ve had for this is gone for sure it’s been more of a head ache than any of my 60+ blowback pistols.
You can see videos on YT of this same thing happening mostly people have no idea it’s that piece and most have their slides get stuck and gats the conclusion of it not working again. Gun Gamers is one example. My channel too!
I’ve posted pics from others I’ve owned showing I have this many and showing parts broken like the safety’s which break from the blowback or from the decocker mechanism being to hard for the cheap weak pot metal used.

Stopped working after 10 uses...

Review by Shanequia X.
Verified Buyer

I bought it a little over a month ago and it was awesome at first but I only shot about 10 magazines through it and now it won’t hold air. Every time I put in a new co2 cartridge, It won’t seal and the air comes right out. Now I have to send it to the manufacturer to be repaired. I didn’t expect a lifetime of use from a gun at this price but this is disappointing...

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