Beretta 92A1 CO2 Full Auto BB Pistol

Beretta 92A1 CO2 Full Auto BB Pistol

The Beretta 92A1 CO2 Pistol is a full-auto capable airgun that is an authentic Beretta licensed pistol. With the look, feel, and operational characteristics of the real Beretta 92 handgun this CO2 pistol makes an excellent training tool. There is a small difference between the real Beretta 92A1 and the CO2 pistol replica and that is the addition of a select-fire switch. When this selector is flipped up this air pistol will fire continuously until you release the trigger in full auto mode, whire will empty all 18 BBs in less than 1/2 of a second.

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Description / Beretta 92A1 CO2 Full Auto BB Pistol

The Beretta 92A1 Full-Auto CO2 Pistol may be the most fun you can have with an air pistol. From the first time you take it out of the box you will be an instant fan of this high performance replica air gun. The look, feel, and overall design of this CO2 pistol mimics the original Beretta 92A1 near perfectly with only minor differences visible to those familiar with the two weapons. Once you first shoot this air gun, you will immediately want to try out the full-auto selector setting where this pistol excels at shooting all 18 BBs at lightning fast speeds.

  • Authentic Licensed Beretta 92A1 CO2 Pistol
  • Select Fire - Semi or Full Auto Operation
  • Blowback Design - Ultra Realistic
  • 18-Shot Drop Free Magazine
  • All Metal Frame and Magazine
  • Weaver Rail for Accessories
  • Power Source: 12g CO2 Cartridge 

Customer Reviews

the magazine metal is too short to grab without nails. Maybe put a flat grip pad

Review by Caylan R.
Verified Buyer

As far as everything else it’s perfect. I’m currently using a paper clip to load it but I scratch the mag when I’m in a hurry…

Very true to the original

Review by Mikal F.
Verified Buyer

Its great. Every detail from decocker, half cocked, safety, DA/SA trigger, drip free magazine. I did have the issue with the safety but was able to fix it by pulling outward the little spring beneath the piece right grip which pulls the lever clear from engaging when it shouldnt. I was led to that as the cause when noticed the safety issue only ever manifested when I would
unconacously pull right on the trigger. If bbn I did the opposite and pushed the trigger left while pulling it, then the safety problem wouldnt occurar. Anyway, the safety issue is fixable if you're good at analyzing and fuxing stuff. I had to send the gun back only because it has the hardest yo slide rack of any BB gun I've used which is an issue for me. At time of purchase Jan 2022 price was $145. Happy shooting everyone.


Review by Arvid S.
Verified Buyer

*I have read just about all the 1-3 star reviews and I do not know what the reviewers are talking about. It is true that the users guide is a bit scant but a little common sense works well. 1. Loading the Magazine is easy - first pull the spring all the way down and push to the left and it will lock in place, then add the BBs through the hole just above the spring lock, when full release the lock. Problems with the co2 cartridges?? Prior to loading the cartridge, a drop of oil on the tip serves to lubricate the seal and serves to seal the cartridge when tightened; without the oil you may experience co2 leakage. I and no one I know has had a problem with the safety or the slide stop. Recommend a swabbing of the barrel every so often with BB gun oil and a .177 cleaning rod. Remember steel BBs only Brass BBs will leave a coating and build up in the barrel. I gave only shot it out to 10-15 meters an found it to be very accurate with the proper technique.

Awesome Full Auto Airgun

Review by Floyd T.
Verified Buyer

1. heavy metal weight, close feeling to the real gun.
2. full auto mode feels awesome.
3. magazine completely covers the CO2 cartridge, looks more realistic than exposed ones.
4. slide can be taken off just like the real gun.
5. safety works just fine.
6. blowback feeling is great.
1. magazine spring too tight, lacks ridge to slide the BB follower.
2. BB loads from downward, feels weird.
3. sometimes the BB gets pushed out of the muzzle as the slide returns, and the action is not very smooth when loading.
4. magazine gets scratched very easily even if loading and unloading following the procedure.
5. muzzle velocity is not as high as other Beretta models.
6. not particularly accurate even for short distances.
7. comes with no CO2 cartridges or BBs.

Excellent gun never fired but please send my receipts

Review by Darby H.
Verified Buyer

First I want my receipts for this I have no receipts for this and the clip I just ordered a six items and no receipts I need my proof of purchase but anyway it is a very very gorgeous gun very well-made I did not fire yet I just got it very hefty feels like the real one that looks like the real one except for the trigger guards a little different great looking gun.

This thing is great.

Review by Daphene C.
Verified Buyer

Very nice, great quality exactly what you would expect from Beretta. I liked it so much I bought another one.

Great airgun, but not perfect

Review by Jerek F.
Verified Buyer

First, let me get the positives out of the way. This is a super realistic rendition of a real M9A1 Beretta. The weight, the look, the feel, and the way it functions is absolutely spot-on. If it wasn't for the negatives I'm about to give it could easily have been my favorite airgun.

So what negatives, you ask? First, it shoots very low. At 30 feet BBs impact 6-8 inches below point of aim. I have to hold with the top of the rear sight level with the bottom of the front. Second, my first one broke during its third range session. A metal piece inside snapped in two and the hammer would no longer cock. Fortunately Amazon replaced the pistol immediately, and so far (fingers crossed) the second one is holding up. Unfortunately it also shoots 6-8 inches low, so it's definitely wasn't just a problem with the first one.

Overall it's a very fun pistol otherwise, and if you own a real Beretta it could make a great training pistol, assuming you can deal with the poor regulation of the sights. I hardly ever bother with the full-auto feature, as it merely wastes BBs and the real deal isn't a machine gun anyway.

Good price for the product

Review by Eran U.
Verified Buyer

The workmanship is better on this 92F model than Crossman's offering, but it has several aluminum parts that will lose the paint quickly. It's not blued, like steel would be. It wasn't bone dry upon arrival, but definitely needed an oil bath. Picatinny rail system accepted my greed dot sight easily, and magazine drops free as it should. It has a solid heft to it.
I strongly recommend extra magazines, or you'll be reloading more than shooting.

Looks and feels real

Review by Meridee D.
Verified Buyer

This gun looks and feels real and is fun to shoot. You will need an extra mag and it would be a good gun for self defense.

Just like the real thing

Review by Miracle Z.
Verified Buyer

Perfect replica, works great and feels just like the real thing!!

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