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Beretta Nano

Beretta Nano


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  • Beretta Nano Beretta Nano

Quick Overview

Is it just me or does everything appear to be getting smaller? For the longest time comic books contained a standard 22-page story, though the industry will vehemently disagree. Today, the standard is 20 pages. Worst of all, many publishers are charging more money for less comic and cite an increase in quality as justification. The most noticeable change in size, however, comes in the form of technology. Hulking car phones turned into manageable cellphones and cellphones turned into smartphones that fit in the palm of your hand. IPods followed a similar path that culminated with the easily-misplaced iPod Nano – a miniscule music player that is now no bigger than the face of a watch.

Well it seems like esteemed arms manufacturer Beretta is taking a page out of Apple's book by laughing in the face of subcompacts and offering a micro compact pistol known as the Beretta Nano. There are not many pistols that are smaller and more worthy of a second look than the Beretta Nano. Can anyone say, "Most comfortable concealed carry ever?"

The Beretta Nano is a semi-automatic, striker-fired pistol that is chambered in 9x19mm Parabellum (9mm). Despite its size, this micro compact pistol offers a ton of cool features that are sure to make you consider it a viable option for personal protection and concealed carry – more on that later. Each pistol includes two 6-round magazines as well as a gun lock.

For the price, you will be hard pressed to find a lighter, smaller, more comfortable and more modular pistol (the list goes on) than the Beretta Nano.

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I have to admit, upon first hearing about the Beretta Nano, I was slightly unimpressed. Now that I have had the chance to handle the pistol and take a closer look, I can say with confidence that the pictures do not do this pistol justice. You would think a pistol of this size would be a "bare-bones, shoots-when-you-pull-the-trigger" type of pistol. While it does offer a high degree of reliability, there is nothing bare-bones about it. Surprisingly, it offers much more in terms of safety, ergonomics and modularity. Who would have thought the Beretta Nano would be so customizable? Let us dive in.

When dealing with pistols designed specifically for personal protection and concealed carry, safety is a big concern. Luckily, the Beretta Nano shines in that regard with three safety features that will always give you peace of mind. First up is the striker deactivation button. This feature allows users to deactivate the internal striker mechanism with the simple press of a button. There is also an automatic striker block safety, which prevents any forward movement of the internal striker mechanism without first fully depressing the trigger. Finally, and this feature seems to be popping up all over the place, is the trigger safety. The trigger has a secondary lever that must be pulled in conjunction with the trigger. Otherwise, the pistol will not fire. This prevents any rearward movement of the trigger in case the pistol is accidentally dropped. The idea is that the pistol will not fire unless the trigger is fully and intentionally pulled.

As noted, the Beretta Nano also benefits from a number of ergonomic and modular features as well. The ergonomics of the pistol are apparent in the snag-free technopolymer grip frame that offers a grip angle and contours that are designed to follow the form of the hand. A really interesting feature is the fact that the grip frame is interchangeable. This is possible because the removable, stainless steel sub-chassis is the only serialized component of the pistol. The inclusion of an adjustable 3-dot sight system is great in its own right, but the fact that they are interchangeable and can be easily removed and replaced with high-end sights is a major plus. Finally, the magazine release is reversible, making it easily accessible by both left- and right-handed shooters.

The Beretta Nano features a 3.07-inch barrel and an overall length of 5.63 inches. Ordinarily, I would not bother mentioning the width, but the Nano boasts an astounding width of .90 inches! All major components are manufactured from steel, with both the slide and the barrel featuring a black Nitride finish. The pistol weighs in at about 1.25 pounds. The inclusion of a 3-dot iron sight system, which features a dovetail front sight, provides for the rapid acquisition of targets and pinpoint accuracy. As noted, each pistol includes two 6-round magazines to provide for a "6+1" capacity.

Say goodbye to your backup .380 pistol. With the Beretta Nano, you get a pistol chambered in 9x19mm Parabellum that is powerful enough to become your daily carry yet small enough to be used as a backup. Consider the Nano for:

- Personal protection and concealed carry

- Target shooting

- Law enforcement

- Collections

- Much more…


Additional Information

Caliber 9mm (9x19)
Finish Black Nitride
Returns Accepted Yes - Must Not Be Modified Or Visibly Used
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2 reviews
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Daniel 04-90-2014 04-01-201415:47
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great gun
This is my carry gun i have never had a problem with it great gun all around
Jeffrey 11-308-2013 11-05-201301:59
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  • Value:
Great Firearm !
This was my first handgun purchase. I wanted to have a handgun for home defense and possible conceal and carry use. It was also important to find a gun that my wife was comfortable with and less intimidating to pick up and learn how to shoot. We choose the Nano because it was very comfortable to hold, it has descent sights and the snag free contour was a big plus. I like the fact that there is no external safety to mess with. On to the range ! We put 12 rounds of 124 gr Federal hydro shock JHP and 40 rounds of 124 gr Magtech JHP through it without any issues. The gun shot very comfortably, minimal recoil really fun to shoot. I had a little trouble getting used to the trigger pull which was long but smooth. and I tended to twist as I pulled back on the trigger which was not a good thing. Once I figured that out it had descent accuracy. My wife who had never fired any gun before did very well handling the gun no problems with recoil or accuracy. Very pleased and can't wait to get back to the range ! I purchased a speed loader that really helps getting the last two rounds in the magazine and have since installed a Lasermax laser on it. Both my wife and I love this gun, we are glad that we purchased this model and we certainly recommend this as a great all around firearm !!

2 Item(s)

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