Blackhawk Dynamic Entry Monoshock Ram

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The Blackhawk Dynamic Entry Monoshock Ram is the expert breacher's entry ram of choice. Combat tested and battle proven when you need to make an entry by breaking down a door there is no battering ram with a more proven track record.

The Blackhawk Dynamic Entry Monoshock Ram is the flagship product of BlackHawk's Dynamic Entry line. This non-sparking and electrically nonconductive battering ram will allow you and your team to make a quick entry into a locked facility. With a quick deployment, the Monoshock Ram will void any locked door with the force it presents allowing you to enter and clear a facility.

  • Combat Tested and Battle Proven by US Military
  • Made by BlackHawk
  • Non-Sparking, Electrically Nonconductive Handles for Added Safety
  • Ergonomic Control-Flex Handle System - Reduce Stress Injury from Impacts
  • Length: 31.5"
  • Weight: 32lbs
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