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  • Watch Caps - An Essential Hat for Every Head

        Watch Caps - The Essential Hat for Every Head   One of the most overlooked hats is the military designed watch cap which has been a military issued essential since the early 1900s. The watch cap was designed to give soldiers a close fitting cap to be worn while on watch duty, which is where the name watch cap was derived


  • Military Surplus - Recycling Made Cool

      Military Surplus - Top Gear at Dirt-Cheap Prices   Those who know gear always look for military surplus offerings first as there is no better way to stretch your gear budget than by scoring a great military surplus deal. For those who are unfamiliar with military surplus it is much like it sounds, the sale of excess or used


  • The Best M14 Accessories

      The M14 Rifle - A Brief History   The M14 Rifle has been in existence since the late 1950s and still today fascinates soldiers and civilians. When adopted as the new select fire battle rifle, it was officially known as the United States Rifle, Caliber 7.62mm, M14 but was commonly referred to as the M14. The M14 has the distinction


  • Woodland Camo - A Worldwide Favorite

    Woodland Camo - A Brief HistoryOne of the most widely fielded camouflage patterns in the world is what is commonly known as Woodland Camo. For more than 20 years, U.S. Woodland also known as M81 camo was the standard issue camouflage pattern on all US military uniforms. With foreign military assistance, NATO deployments, and active Cold War


  • Jiggler Keys - A Must Have Tool

    Jiggler Keys - An Essential ToolOne of the most overlooked line of tools are tools that are used to manipulate locks, with one stand out example being jiggler keys. Everyone will at some point find themselves or their loved ones locked out of a vehicle, and a set of jiggler keys can solve this problem quickly and efficiently. Easy to use, quick to


  • Best EMT Pants For Performance and Value

    One of the most critical yet often overlooked pieces of gear for EMTs is proper EMT pants. Far from being only a comfort or style issue, EMT pants provide essential services in ways specific to the needs of today's EMT professionals. EMT pants need to be constructed to stand up to rigorous use on the job, need to have plenty of pockets to give


  • PepperBall - New Standard in Non-Lethal Defense

    The PepperBall has been deployed for over 25 years and with this length of service has demonstrated a rich history of trust and reliability. We've all seen police officers responding to riots armed with PepperBall rifles which bear a close resemblence to paintball guns with the distinctive hopper. What you may not know is that PepperBall has


  • Why Colored Handcuffs Are Becoming So Popular

    While the classic design of handcuffs has changed little since their invention, the ability to apply various durable metal finishes has become one of the latest trends. One of the first handcuff manufacturers to use systems like Electrolytic Polyureathane Plating has been the Peerless Handcuff Company and the results are truly exceptional.Some of


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