The British Army deploys soldiers around the world for training including the Arctic areas of Northern Norway.

This focus on training for operating in extreme cold weather has given the British Army insight into the requirements for cold weather gear.

British Army Arctic Mittens

The British have fielded one of the finest set of arctic mittens which is designed with a layered approach. We will save you the time and money by telling you the Mk 3 inner mittens are the most useful part of this set. You will find these mittens alone will keep your hands warm and dry in extreme cold weather conditions.

British Army Arctic 4-Man Tent

This tent is the tent you want when your in the field. Designed for use in arctic climates, these tents are high performance tents that have been proven in combat conditions. With features like a storage area to take off your wet boots and outer gear and plenty of space for you and your mates you can see why this tent remains in service.

British Army Thermal PCS Shirt

Every military has their own thermal shirt to be worn as a base layer but none are as popular as the British offering.

When soldiers leave the British Army this is the one item they all want to keep.  Why?  Because it fits, feels great, and keeps you warm.

British Army Cold Weather Parka

This cold weather parka is prized throughout the United Kingdom due to its rich history. Worn by SAS Commandos during the Falklands War this iconic cold war era jacket is perfect for winter warfare.

You can add a jacket liner for extra warmth or man up like the Special Air Service and wear it without.