The US Army fields a number of specialist kits designed to meet the religious needs of soldiers. We continue to be impressed with the effort by the Department of Defense to meet the religious needs of our soldiers.


US Army Jewish Chaplain Kit

Since the Civil War Era, the US Army has had a Jewish Chaplain Kit to be used to provide services to Jewish soldiers. 

Over the years the style of the Jewish Chaplain's Kit has changed considerably.  It is now more aligned with the needs of Jewish soldiers in combat zones.

The biggest change with the Jewish kits is the cases used to carry the religious artifacts.  The cases are Molle pouches, with the previous cases being used as the Ark for services.

US Army Christian Chaplain Kit


Much like the Jewish Chaplain Kit, the Christian Catholic Chaplain Kit has changed over the yearsThis change has been more about combat readiness with the transit case and religious artifacts being more mobile. One thing remains the same, all of the included items are designed to give soldiers a Catholic mass while in combat zones.