One of the products we get the most questions about is our army jackets which we have a huge selection in all sizes.  The number one question that we get asked is which is the best army jacket? This article should help give you the answer to this question as there is more than one answer to this question.

Spanish Air Force Flight Jacket

We always get very positive feedback from customers who buy flight jackets. The reasons are many but first and foremost is that flight jackets tend to fit into any environment. Like this Spanish Air Force flight jacket which as you can see has no camouflage pattern and is a dark blue that matches virtually any other type of clothing.

Flight Jackets are slim fitting giving them more style than most jackets. You won't feel like you are wearing a baggy jacket when your wearing a flight jacket. Flight jackets use quality fabric, which gives them a comfortable feeling. You will also find these jackets don't show signs of premature wear.


French Foreign Legion Gore-Tex Jacket

For those who want a military jacket that is overly military one of our most popular jackets is this jacket from the French Foreign Legion. These jackets are the current French CCE camouflage and as you can see that is a variant of woodland camouflage which has always been popular in the United States.

What makes these French jackets so popular is they are made from a Gore-Tex type material. This choice of materials ensures that these jackets are windproof, waterproof, and breathable making them exceptionally good jackets for outdoor activities in inclement weather.  We purchased these jackets from a large army surplus auction where they were in their original factory boxes making them unissued as-new jackets for a price only found in surplus sales.

You'll also be excited to hear that these jackets were designed to be worn over field gear like the Legion's assault vest which gives them an over sized feel for added comfort.

Italian Carabinieri Jacket


The Italian Carabinieri Jacket may not seem like it fits in the list of best army jackets. It is a jacket worn by the Carabinieri which serves as the military police in the Italian army.

What makes these jackets worthy of a place on this list is the style and design.  The sleeves on this jacket are removable turning your jacket into a vest. Along the edge of the sleeves is the distinctive Carabinieri flaming bomb insignia. These two factors give this jacket a unique status of looking like a high end European sporting jacket at a price anyone can afford.

You get both the jacket and pants which together look like something Paulie Walnuts from the Sopranos would wear - which would make you just as cool as him.


Slovakian Army Combat Jacket

Now if you want a military jacket that is ready for urban warfare comes with a combat proven and battle tested resume look no further. These combat jackets from Slovakia are just what you need to fight on your own battlefield. Vintage in design and look you can pick up one of these jackets for street wear right now and will have the perfect jacket when society collapses.

Tons of features on these jackets make them one of our top picks. Features like the Slovakian Shield on the shoulder pocket give this jacket style. With the pre-sewn Velcro field on the front you can add morale patches that you can use to give your jacket your own personalized look.


This is only four jackets that we consider for the Best Army Jackets Under $100 list.  Make sure you browse our entire selection of military clothing where we have shirts, pants, and our entire selection of military jackets.