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Guns of Jerry Lewis : Astra 2000 Cub

The Guns of Jerry Lewis: Astra 2000 Cub

Jerry Lewis Passes at 91

When Hollywood Legend Jerry Lewis passed away in 2017, few would have known how passionate he was about firearms and the 2nd Amendment. Jerry didn't just collect guns, he carried a concealed handgun virtually everywhere he went. One of Jerry's earliest nightclub acts demonstrating his "quick draw" skills, which clearly he had both the physical aspects near perfect and demonstrates an understanding of pistol handling that few could match even today.

Could You Imagine The "OUTRAGE" If A Celebrity Did This Today?

For those who have never been to our headquarters, it may seem strange that a company like ours would be invited to a celebrity estate auction.  However those who have been to our facility will understand why -- we have a huge collection of historical items on display, almost all of which were acquired at auction by our founder. Auction houses share customer lists, and I can say first hand that we've seen amazing pieces come up for sale.

When we were first invited to the Jerry Lewis Estate Auction by Julien's Auctions we weren't aware of Jerry's extensive gun collection. While most of us were aware of who Jerry Lewis was, even our younger colleagues knew him from his work with the MDA through his legendary Labor Day Telethon which raised billions of muscular dystrophy. Once we started to research more about Jerry Lewis, the more we wanted to be able to purchase his firearms to allow them to be passed along to people who would appreciate them as much as Jerry did.

The Astra 2000 Cub

Jerry Lewis Astra 2000 Cub

The Astra 2000 Cub is an excellent example of Jerry's love of pocket pistols. Jerry didn't just enjoy owning and shooting pocket pistols, he carried them when he was out of his home in Las Vegas. There was also the time that he was detained for carrying a concealed handgun at Las Vegas McCarran International Airport. While other celebrities have been detained for similar charges, you can be sure that none had the extensive gun collection and life long passion for firearms that Jerry Lewis had.

You will find the Astra 2000 Cub is a tiny pocket pistol chambered in .22 Short. Importation of this Spanish made pistol was stopped in 1968 with the passing of the Gun Control Act of 1968, making this handgun now at least 50 years old qualifying it as a Curio and Relic. Jerry Lewis owned this pistol as part of his collection, and it would appear based on the handling marks that he often carried this pistol. Was this the same pistol he was arrested with? We certainly don't know. Was this a carry piece of Jerry?  Absolutely.

We've paired this super cool pocket pistol with Jerry's 2005 Directors Guild of America membership card, along with the auction lot card from Julien's Auctions to show the provenance of the pistol. Ready to become part of YOUR collection, and available for immediate shipment from our facility.