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Military Jackets - French Army


Those who know military surplus know that there are many variations to be found in a countries military surplus offering. Some countries only sell as surplus equipment that would be considered scrap. Other nations will sell as surplus any item that has been sitting in a warehouse for a set period of time without being used, even if the item is brand new or remains in original factory boxes.

This is why you will find real gems when shopping for military surplus, namely military surplus clothing like jackets.  Military procurement will generally purchase a wide assortment of sizes for all clothing like jackets, shirts, or pants.  However there are strict physical standards for height and weight in most military forces which would normally mean extra large and above sizes would never be used.  If you see where we're going with this, you now realize that with military surplus jackets you stand a very good chance at buying an unissued jacket if your "American" sized. 

To let you in on the inside secret, the two countries that will consistently offer unissued surplus are France and the United States. If you've been a fan of our website for any length of time, you know we've got strong supply lines for French Army Surplus.  We are consistently able to source, import, and sell unissued French Army surplus at a price that everyone can afford. We've also been able to procure many items of US Army Surplus that has been unissued, however not nearly as many items as we've been able to get from France.

Let's take a look at a French Army Jacket that is a good example of how military surplus jackets can be one of the best deals you'll find on a jacket online.

French Army FELIN T4 Combat Jacket S2 - Camo Jacket Perfected

French Army Felin T4 Combat Jacket S2

First if you are not aware, the FELIN system is a complete French infantry combat system that consists of a number of components, including this jacket. As the FELIN system was designed and first fielded in late 2011, you can be assured these jackets are made from the finest modern materials. These jackets represent billions of dollars of investment within the FELIN program and everything from the cut and type of zipper has been evaluated by the French Army to assure they used the very best.

What makes this jacket a killer deal is not only is it a current-issue item being used today by the French Foreign Legion they came to us still in their original factory boxes. Not a single soldier has worn any of these jackets, making them brand new. Our price is our usual fair price, yet if you consider how much money the French military invested in the production of these jackets you are looking at hundreds of dollars per jacket original cost.

The value doesn't just exist in the original cost vs our current price on these jackets, they are truly exceptional jackets. They are made from RipStop fabric, which means they will withstand more use and abuse than commercial jackets. They are cut full to allow free movement and feature bellows pockets, which can hold an incredible amount of your everyday carry gear without leaving you feeling weighed down. Features aside, these jackets give you the military look that is always in style, and the French CCE Woodland Camouflage pattern blends into the environment you find all throughout North America.

You don't want to miss the opportunity to own one of these FELIN T4 Combat Jackets. Like all military surplus, we do not have the ability to order more when we are sold out we have to wait for the chance of more being sold. There is a very good chance we will never have this jacket again or future shipments will be used jackets unlike the unissued jackets we have now.