The TASER has revolutionized law enforcement since it was first introduced. Now the TASER Pulse takes this technology to the next level by producing the world's first sub-compact sized TASER. While the size of this TASER is small, the power inside is the same stopping power that is used by law enforcement professionals around the world.

We have been involved with TASER International since 2004 and have seen the technology evolve over the past 12 years. The committment from TASER to produce the world's best less-lethal devices has been second to none and the customer support has been first in their field. This longevity and dedication to their industry made the release of the TASER Pulse something to get excited for.

Examining the TASER Pulse:

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At first glance there are several improvements made to the way the TASER Pulse looks when compared to the older M18 or X26. While the M18 looked similar to a GLOCK, the X26 looked like a gun Buck Rodgers would have used. The PULSE has opted for a look that is more subtle, less like a GLOCK or ray-gun. You'll find this was intentional, as the engineers that designed the PULSE wanted a look and feel that would inspire the customer to actually like carrying the Pulse.

Gone are the all over yellow bars of the X26 in favor of a more strategically placed yellow on the TASER Pulse. This is of course done to ensure that if law enforcement arrives, they will instantly know that the Pulse is a TASER and not a traditional handgun. The amount of yellow on the Pulse is not over-the-top where an attacker would think you were pointing a toy, they will instantly see the laser dot and profile of the Pulse and most will retreat thinking you are armed with a handgun.

One you pick up the TASER Pulse you will immediately be impressed with the small size of the unit. While it is small, it does not feel cheaply made or fragile. Your first impression will be to try pulling the trigger and I encourage you to do so, as you will hear that familiar crack of the TASER energy going across the front of the Pulse.  Yes, the contact stun feature of the M18 and X26 Tasers can be found on the Pulse.

Improvements over the M18 and X26:

There are a number of refinements that you will only find on the TASER Pulse.  This is a small outline of what they are and why they matter when selecting a less lethal personal protection device.

The first improvement to the TASER Pulse is the increased duration of the energy pulse. Previously the M18 and X26 would output their energy cycle for only 5 seconds per trigger pull. The TASER Pulse has increased the duration for each trigger pull to a full 30 seconds. With this increased duration, you do not need to consider whether or not you need to pull the trigger a second time before you escape.  One strike from the Pulse will impart enough energy for a full 30-seconds, more than enough time to disable an attacker and make an escape to safety.

By far the biggest improvement that is featured on the TASER Pulse is the work put into ensuring the Pulse was the very best Taser for daily carry. The X26 and M18 were designed to be worn on a duty belt in a specialized holster and felt absolutely huge in the hand. With the PULSE, there are no sharp edges or angles that would make it unsuitable for carry in a pocket or purse. The shape and size of the Pulse make it feel contoured to the hand and ensure you will be able to feel comfortable taking an accurate shot at an attacker.

Why You Need a PULSE:

The TASER Pulse fills the void between a concealed carry handgun and a less lethal solution. With the X26 or M18, neither would be suitable for carry daily by a citizen. Now that the TASER Pulse is available, concerned citzens who need to protect their lives but live in a state that does not issue concealed handgun permits have a safe and legal option. The Supreme Court has ruled that it is unconstitutional to restrict access to TASER weapons, paving the way to make ownership and carry of the PULSE legal in every state.

By far the TASER Pulse is the coolest TASER ever produced. It is refined, stylish, and most of all extremely effective. You may think you do not have a need for one currently, but there will come a time when you'll wish you had one available. Whether to lend it to a friend who is being threatened, or to have a light weight daily carry option for places where your restricted from carrying your handgun.

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