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United Defense LLC at Eurosatory 2018 - Conference



What is Eurosatory?

Eurosatory is an international Defence and Security industry trade faire / conference that is held every two years in the Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre, Paris, France. In 2016 it gathered over 1,500 exhibitors and over 55,700 visitors. It is organized by COGES in partnership with the French Ministry of Defense.

The exhibition is reserved for professionals only.


Why were we at Eurosatory?


As part of the United Defense LLC development strategy, we support and provide technical assistance to our foreign partners and their operations. Additionally, it is important for any company willing to grow or maintain its growth to be up to date with the industry. Therefore, we take pride in not limiting our strategy to fancy words on a PowerPoint and achieve both objectives joining partners at specific occasions. Going to Eurosatory and other national or international conferences demonstrates it


Eurosatory differs from other military conferences with its focus on new technologies and its international scale. You can visit and decide to purchase your IED jammers or your thermal imaging from the French, the Germans, the Americans, the Israelis, the Koreans, etc... It is extremely valuable to have the opportunity to compare similar products that are originally produced in factories thousands of miles apart. It saves a great deal of time to avoid flying to Korea or Germany if we can meet both manufacturers in the same hall.


Finally, meeting face to face with companies instead of exchanging countless emails allows to develop better relations. On top of that, purchaser of technologies will be surprisingly welcomed when, for example, the Korean suppliers knows that you can simply turn left and walk 30 yards to discuss the same product offered by their Swedish competitors. Firm handshakes are irreplaceable. 

At what other conference can you find us?

As of today, we can confirm that we will be present at the 2019 ANME and SHOT. We plan to attend other conferences but nothing has been confirmed yet.