The US Army Ordnance Museum at Aberdeen Proving Grounds was one of the most impressive collections of ordnance from around the world. This world renowned museum was broken up and artifacts have been distrubuted to military facilities around the country. These blog postings are our way of showing how great this museum was, and how it served as a central facility for research into the history of military ordnance.

16-inch Mark III Coastal Defense Gun

US Army 16-Inch Coastal Defense Gun


The 16-Inch Mark III Coastal Defense Gun was one of the more impressive outdoor displays at the Aberdeem Proving Grounds museum. This massive gun was designed and deployed to protect America's important port cities, including Boston, New York City, and Pearl Harbor. 

The 16-Inch Mark III Coastal Defense Gun was capable of firing a 2,240lb projectile that had an effective range out to 26 miles. The Mark III was most often deployed in a two-gun configuration, either in a disappearing carriage or casemated to protect from air attack.