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Where Can You Buy German Flecktarn Camo

German Flag


Where Can You Buy German Flecktarn Camo?

One of the most popular items in military surplus has been the uniforms, jackets, and gear from the German army that features the Flecktarn pattern. For more than a decade we've been able to buy and import tens of thousands of flecktarn parkas, rain jackets, backpacks, and other assorted gear.  NOT. ANY. MORE.

There have been two persistent rumors that have come out of Germany as to why they will no longer sell any equipment that features their flecktarn camouflage pattern on it. We have been aware of this situation since the Summer of 2017 and it would appear that absent a change in government, there will never be any new sales of German military equipment of this type.

So what is the story behind the end of sales of authentic German Army camouflage equipment?  We will share both stories, and you can decide which one is correct. Based on our extensive dealings in Europe, we would say both stories are correct.

Would You Like To Buy A Flower Fräulein?

We we first made aware of the "temporary" end of sales of Flecktarn based on an incident that happened in one of Germany's popular summer fairs. While walking through the festival, Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen was approached by an individual to buy a flower. Noticing from a distance that the man was wearing a German Flecktarn Field Shirt she thought perhaps this was someone who had served in the Army. Once he approached, she noticed his field shirt was adorned with offensive patches that insulted the government, the Army, and in particular people who would be classified with Minister von der Leyen.

This encounter came shortly after the G20 riots that caused extensive damage and violence in Hamburg. When speaking to the man selling the flowers, it became very clear to Minister von der Leyen that he was directly involved with the "Antifa" group who staged these riots. Many of the rioters were seen wearing German army pants and jackets that featured Flecktarn camouflage and this caused alarm in the government. Now the Defense Minister was face-to-face with an organizer of this group, wearing German army clothing with offensive embellishments, trying to raise money for more rioting by selling flowers at a fair.

Video Showing Riots at G20 in Hamburg - Many Rioters Wearing Flecktarn

Shortly after this event, all sales for German Army surplus which had camouflage items were cancelled. These sales are posted on VEBEG and after monitoring the sales for over a year, we can say with definitive answer that there have been no new sales.

Is Germany Fighting A War In The Ukraine?

Once the Ukraine Civil War began, there was a scramble by all sides to arm themselves. "Somehow" a very large quantity of German military surplus gear, including current issue German Army flak jackets and uniforms ended up in the Ukraine. Was this provided by the German government?  Perhaps. Or was this equipment purchased on the open market, where it has been readily available for years - including all over Europe? Most likely.

What caused great concern in Germany was these uniforms, many of which still had German Flag patches and unit designations, began to appear in the news. Worn by the nationalists in the Azov Battalion certain news media outfits spun a wild tale implying that these men in the Azov Battalion were a modern day "Fourth Reich" and the world knows how Germany reacts to this. Embargoes were instituted and now this group in the Ukraine appears to be wearing British Army camouflage and no more Flecktarn. The use of Flecktarn by non-state actors in conflict zones was the first reason given for stopping sales, yet sales continued for quite some time after this conflict subsided.

Azov Battalion - Wearing FlecktarnAzov Battalion - Wearing FlecktarnAzov Battalion - Wearing Flecktarn

Final Thoughts from Inside The Industry

This change that has been made by the German Army to stop sales of Flecktarn camouflage is likely permanent and will never change. With Germany holding influence throughout the European Union, we may see this policy become part of EU law and end sales from European Union countries. We are reminded of a time we tried to purchase ceremonial swords in the UK and the government there was concerned about the swords being used by "ISIS" of all things. More restrictions and limitations of current issue clothing and equipment are virtually guaranteed.  We are just past the "good old days" of military surplus, so take advantage of what is here now, and don't miss out in the future.