Bolle Defender Tactical Goggles - Combat Goggles Designed For Soldiers

Bolle Defender Tactical Goggles

The Bolle Defender tactical goggles are an excellent choice for those who need the increased protection that traditional eyewear does not offer. Other benefits of the Bolle Defender tactical goggles include the fact that they can be worn over prescription glasses as well as the inclusion of Bulpren® foam aerators that filter out dust while providing an even airflow.

Description / Bolle Defender Tactical Goggles

The Bolle Defender tactical goggles were developed to offer superior eye protection during tactical combat operations or any other activities that may involve debris or impact to the face. Designed to be worn with or without a combat helmet, the Defender goggles feature a frame constructed from a lightweight, PVC polymer that incorporates soft, face-hugging foam to provide for a well-fitted and comfortable seal.

Also noteworthy are the lenses, which are not only rated for ballistic impact but also UVA protection. Each lens – and there are a total of three – features an interior polycarbonate anti-fog coating as well as an exterior scratch-resistant coating to ensure that your lenses remain in usable condition. The included lenses, which provide the flexibility for any tactical environment, are as follows: clear, yellow and smoke.

The Bolle Defender tactical goggles represent the finest combat goggles available. They were designed to meet the evolving needs of advanced warfighters and rapid response teams and perform as such. Whether you choose to believe it or not, you are not likely to find a more impressive pair of tactical goggles at a price like this.

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Manufacturer German Army Surplus

Customer Reviews

Could have gotten more for $35
Review by Jonathan
I'm in the minority here, but my goggles definitely didn't have that "factory new" feeling to them. The long strip of foam on the top of the goggles that acts as a dust/air filter was peeling off just by touching it, leaving little specs of foam everywhere.

The same happened to the 2 pieces of foam serving the same purpose as the foam strip on the top, but they were just smaller.They were flaking and peeling and eventually busted. literally within a minute after taking it out of the box and storage bag. Unfortunately, I've voided my chance to return it by stripping the last of the foam in hopes of replacing it with that foam what S&W's guns sometimes come packaged in.

Very disappointed in these goggles and will not be buying anything surplus that has a hint of foam on it again.
great goggles
Review by Tony
These are awesome for just about any activity you'd need them for. Fit perfectly over a German k-pot and also wear nicely without any headgear. Elastic is strong and came with clear, smoke and yellow tinted lenses. Also has a nice stuff sack to store it all in. Can't go wrong with these.
Best Goggles I Ever Wore
Review by SurplusCollector
I was impressed with the old German dust goggles, and yet again I am impressed with these German Tactical Goggles. Id been thinking about getting these for awhile but wasn't sure, glad i finally did. Even a perfect fit with my Polish helmet.

They come with German instructions, but you can figure out pretty quickly how to fit the lenses without the instructions. They just snap in. Pretty easy to remove the lenses, but a litle harder to put them in. Fully adjustable strap for a good fit, as always great German quality and design.
will be buying these
Review by chris
i bought a pair of these similar off ebay but not bolle brand, they were a cheaper version and you get what you pay for, broke apart in 1 month and always fogged up for a few more bucks I would definately go with the bolle brand
Review by Anon
I bought these for paintball, and they hold up well. They're easily worth double the price.
Wonderfull Goggles
Review by Thomas
I bought a set of these goggles for use when shooting in the winter and they have preformed great some of the foam parts have come apart but that is not a major issue as if more falls off it can be replaced easily.
Great Goggles
Review by David
Great goggles!!!! I could not pass these up for the price. I needed a pair of goggles to go along with my German Kevlar helmet I bought from keepshooting and I was not disappointed. I will buy more. These goggles are great for any type of dirt bike, ATV, or any off road adventures. They are strong and sturdy.
ready for testing
Review by Michael
I got a set of these to use as eye protection while testing new firearm and target ideas. They haven't come in contact with debris yet but I feel like they're up to the job!
Glasses Approved
Review by KP Duty
I wear glasses and the indoor range where I shoot requires me to wear protective lenses over my regular glasses. I bought these to use instead of the cheap sunglasses like ones and these really improved my indoor shooting experience, and frankly, my indoor shooting. They fit over my glasses nicely and are comfortable to wear. I don’t feel very tactical wearing these but I do have a good time, and that’s all I care about.
Bolle Defender Goggles
Review by Jill
My husband and I both own a pair of these and they have served us well. We use them riding our atvs and they have held up well and fit nicely over our helmets. Great product from Bolle.
Bolle Defender Goggles
Review by J.
Superb goggles. Great for many outdoor activities. Love them.
Review by David
Ive had my goggles for several months now and they rock. Great with a motorcycle helmet. It is very easy to change the lenses and they seem near impossible to break. Only negative i can find if that the dust covers over the ventilation holes in the top get torn up very easily but its mostly cosmetic damage, and it was really my fault. Even with this minor fault for 25, or even 35 dollars you cant get better goggles.
Excellent eye protection!
Review by Ehlert
These Bolle Defender Tactical Goggles are awesome! I find that the lenses, adjustable strap, and construction of the goggle frame are far superior to that of the GI issue (sun, wind and dust) eye protection I was issued for Desert Storm. They are perfect for the German Kevlar helmet. I especially like the quick release buckle on the adjustable elastic strap. The inside surface (of the elastic strap) has a rubber grip surface that prevents slippage on the smooth surface of my Kevlar Helmet. These goggles also work great on my "Bell Drifter" model motorcycle helmet, which has a smoother surface than the Kevlar. You won't find a better price for these goggles either! The Bolle Defender Tactical Goggles come with the extra lenses individually wrapped in plastic Ziploc bags (that prevents scratches) and also with a good quality cloth storage bag.
Goes great with the Kevlar Helmet.
Review by Joseph
Hard to beat the value of these goggles. These are very high quality for a low price, like everything from Keepshooting. Plus, you get the alternate lenses as well.
Bolle Goggles
Review by Brian
These are the real deal at a steal. I've used thee skiing, riding, and shooting. Great prep also.
Amazing Value
Review by Alex
These goggles are amazing, especially for the price (much better than other goggles I've seen in significantly higher price ranges). Comfortable and well-made, the lenses do not fog and I've yet to scratch them despite how much I use these things.
Bolle is synonymous with quality
Review by Bobby
These tactical goggles go for $39 online. The goggles came new in the box with instructions in German. It took me a few minutes to figure out how to change out the clear lens with the smoke lens.Good quality and looks bad with my new German Kevlar helmet. I am happy with purchase.
Perfect for airsoft fights
Review by Linda
These goggles were delivered quickly and are a lot safer to use than safety glasses in airsoft fights.

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