British Army AFV Coveralls

The British Army AFV Crewman's coverall is a extra-large sized mechanics coverall that would be issued to crew serving in an Armored Fighting Vehicle. Designed to offer protection from fluids, oils, and grease each pair of coveralls is also fully flame retardnant. These coveralls are a great way to have military grade protective clothing at your work site or garage.

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The British Army AFV Mechanics Coveralls are an extremely advanced pair of coveralls suitable for any mechanics duties, job site, or construction area. In addition to providing full coverage over your street clothes, the coveralls are made from Aramid fibers to provide full flame resistance. These protective characteristics ensure that your exposure to risk from things like flammable materials or fuel spills is greatly reduced. In any modern garage, construction site, or other heavy work environment the risk from exposure is high so wearing these coveralls is a good safety choice.

The British Ministry of Defense makes extensive use of this style of coverall and the Aramid fibers used to construct it.  WIth a long history of use, Aramid has proven to be one of the most effective fibers for resisting flames. Aramid fibers are so effective at resisting flame that they do not even begin to degrade until reaching temperatures in excess of 500 °C. This level of protection is essential for soldiers and civilains who work to support the motorized divisions of the British Army who are exposed to the risk of open flame.

Since these coveralls were designed for military use, they are also packed with military features. Some of these features include an excess of pockets for holding specialzied tools, military identification, and rank insignia. In order to facilitiate easy donning of these coveralls while wearing combat boots, the ankles have extended 13 inch zippers and elastic cuffs. You will not find a better pair of coveralls available on the commercial market, these military coveralls are packed with features and offer superior protective capabilities.

  • Authentic British Army Coveralls
  • NSN# 8415-99-212-5339
  • Full Front Zipper - From Neck to Crotch
  • Protective Flap Over Zipper - No Risk of Zipper Damage
  • Two Large Zippered Chest Pockets - Hold Tools, Documents, Handgun
  • Two Velcro Closed Chest Pockets - Designed to hold pens, screw drivers, or drill bits
  • Velcro Wrists - Adjust for comfort to get desired fit around gloves, or to keep the wrists from riding up while working on your back.
  • Two Large Zippered Thigh Pockets - Additional storage space for tools, documents, or other essentials
  • Two Velcro Closed Lower Leg Pockets - Including a visible flap based pocket for storing identification documents
  • Two Velcro Closed Ankle Pockets - Small storage pockets at ankle level, closed using Velcro based system
  • Large Zippered Calves - Easy to don coveralls while wearing boots

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Customer Reviews

Excellent coverall
Review by van
Verified Buyer
Fits great and has lots,lots,and lots pockets to carry gear or personal items around. Make a good choice if you work and need to carry alot of stuff.
Good fitting overall
Review by Joe
Verified Buyer
180~112 size to fit up to 6 ft tall no problem, pockets to store essential gear , a rear zipper to use toilet an interesting plus, flame retardant fabric, what not to like, new condition to last, gonna use in my go to hell kit. Thanks!!
Nice new item, not used surplus
Review by Al
Verified Buyer
Nice quality coveralls with lots of useful pockets, heavy tape on all seams and heavy zippers. I'm 6'1" & 185 lbs and it fit over my cargo pants, heavy shirt and fleece vest with no problem. I wore it to climb/trim trees and found that I had good range of motion.
Great Value, Great Price
Review by Old Grouchy Guy
Verified Buyer
These things are great and very well made. I am five foot 8 inches tall and they fit well. They have plenty of pockets and are better than coveralls I've seen for 3-4 times the price. I'm going to order more.
Brand new
Review by Terry
Verified Buyer
What a deal. Compare the price and quality with a pair of decent coveralls. Good for 4WHEELING.
5x stars, but not for big men.
Review by walter
Verified Buyer
I really wanted these to fit, I am 6'2" and 250 lbs and found these coveralls really great, but to short in the stride for me. From shoulders to crotch they were to short. I was bummed out because these are neat. Gave them to family member who is 5'9" and he loves them. Plenty of room for heavy people but must be under 6 ft. Keep up the good work finding bargains like this.

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