British Army Arctic 4-Man Tent

The British Army Arctic 4-Man Tent is the standard issue tent for the British Royal Marines stationed in Norway. These tents are designed to be used in extreme cold weather environments where wind, snow, and sub-zero temperatures are the norm. With a quick and easy deployment, these arctic tents have been the work horse of the Royal Marines since they were first issued and continue to be praised by troops for how easy they are to set up and how great they perform.

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The British Royal Marines have a large presence in Norway as part of a European defense of the arctic circle. Operating in extreme cold weather environments like Norway makes gear like these arctic tents an absolute necessity for British soldiers. With extreme cold, high winds, and arctic snow it is essential that soldiers are equipped with quality gear to ensure they are able to fight any battle without being disabled from the elements.

One of the most important features of this arctic tent is how easy it is to deploy. Royal Marines in Norway needed a quality arctic weather tent that was quick to deploy as the weather in Norway can change rapidly. With all of the included equipment that comes with the 4-Man Arctic Tent, you can quickly deploy the tent in a matter of minutes when situations change or you are ready to camp for the night. The tents also feature a "porch" at the front where you can take off wet boots and outer gear prior to entering the "bedroom" portion of the tent.

Each of the 4-man arctic tents comes with everything you need to use and deploy the tent. That includes the tent, the single poles that join together to become three dome rods, three storm straps which serve as guy ropes, two end guy ropes, tent pegs, storage bag for poles, and a carry bag for the complete tent. Once you see how easy this tent is to set up, you'll be glad you chose the arctic tent for your winter tent needs.

  • Authentic British Army 4-Man Arctic Tent
  • Waterproof Outer Tent
  • Several Inch Gap Between Outer and Inner Tent - Reduces Condensation
  • Bedroom Dimensions: 25 sq/ft x 20 sq/ft (approximate)
  • Zipper and Velcro Door Closure - Keep Out Wind and Easy to Use
  • Entire Tent Stores In Compression Style Carry Bag
  • Weighs 22lbs

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Customer Reviews

Great Tent
Review by SNAFU
Verified Buyer
First off the inside measurements are only 7 x 10 ft. which is only 70 sq. ft. of sleeping space which is plenty for 4 persons the door at either end allows easy access without having to climb over 3 people to get out. . .
Overall foot print with rain flaps deployed is 7' wide x 20' long x 3' tall to keep a low profile in high winds & makes it easy to camo with vegetation or net to hide it from friends or foes. . .
Tent poles are made extra heavy to withstand up to 1 ft of wet snowfall without collapsing on top of you. . .
Like anything military with time & patients & care you will not break anything & this tent will last generations. . .
tent and stakes awesome poles suck a lot
Review by guy
Verified Buyer
High quality ! tent awesome stakes awesome
the poles are an abomination they are so stupid
that it amazes me. I plan on replacing them with decent corded poles . They are fragile as eggshells. Who ever is responsible for accepting
the poles should be tarred and feathered and placed in stocks and put on display . The Tent ,stakes ,bag are really nice . Im happy with it for the price.
Great Buy
Review by Jody
Verified Buyer
Boy Scout Troop 131 got four of these Tents, two look like they had never been used. The other two had only minor signs of use. Five scouts and their gear fit comfortably. Set Up tools awhile the first time, no instructions, but repeat setups went quickly. Extra heavy floors - just what is needed with scouts. You can not stand in them, but height in cold weather and wind do not work out so well. The Tent stakes that come with the Tent are not going to be usable in frozen ground and ice. We are replacing them with 12" Czech Ice Pitons - great in all conditions. The state size 20 Sq. ft. X 25 Sq Ft is interesting but wrong they are closer to 20 x 16 ft.

At $150 they are a great deal.
Good tent, fibreglass pole segments crack easily
Review by Crashhawk
Verified Buyer
I set up the tent and slept in it with the temperature down to the 40s. It was very comfortable inside with plenty of room. The liner was tied on incorrectly and had to be adjusted in order to set up the tent out of the box. Additionally, two of the fiberglass pole segments cracked at the female end. The kit does come with extra pole segments, but cracking on the first setup was disappointing.

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