British Army Shoe Laces - 2 Pack

British Army Black Shoe Laces

Everyone knows it is a good idea to have an extra pair of shoe laces around the house. When we were offered these British Army Black Shoe Laces we knew our customers would love them for that purpose alone. We purchased enough that we are able to offer them in a 2-Pack deal which will give you two spare pairs of shoe laces to keep one at home and one at your office.

Description / British Army Black Shoe Laces

The British Army Black Shoe Laces are a 2-pack deal featuring two pairs of excellent military grade 36 inch shoe laces. These can be used to lace up any type of shoe, boot, or can even be used to tie together other items.

  • 36 Inch Black Military Shoe Laces
  • 2-Pack Deal - Two Pairs for One Low Price
  • Genuine British Army Issued Laces 

Customer Reviews

Better than round laces!
Review by Edwin
These are a good addition to any purchase you make on KS. Never know when you'll need another pair of laces, and these ones don't come undone like regular round laces!
2 for a buck!
Review by Pierre a' Fusil
These are - hands down - the best deal on shoe gear anywhere on the "Internet of Things". Totally high quality, good length (for boots in particular), seem pretty indestructible too. Any downsides? As Henry Ford used to say: You can have any color you want, as long as it is black!
New, quality look - great price
Review by mrk
These are sweet for the price! They are rather elastic, so I imagine when you tie them they should stay tied. For two pair this deal can't be beat!!
Review by Jake
Great price. Simple product. Good Quality. Don't spend $5-8 for some at a store, buy it here for $1.
Strong, clean look
Review by Dan
Great material and construction offering the perfect mix between fit and flexibility. The laces have some elasticity/give, allowing you to tighten them, and expect them to remain tightened.
Review by Brendan
Easily worth more than a dollar. Probably the sturdiest pair of shoelaces I have owned.

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