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The British Army DPM Combat Set is a seven piece combat harness that was used extensively by soldiers in the British Army. With the purpose of providing soldiers an effective means of carrying a full combat load, this combat harness would have been the soldiers second most important piece of equipment - just behind their service pistol or rifle.

The British Army DPM Combat Harness Set was designed to give soldiers in the British Army an effective means of transporting fighting gear into the field for combat operations. By utilizing this combat set, British soldiers were able to ensure that important equipment was within arms reach when they needed it the most - such as when engaged in an active firefight with the enemy.

Like most modern combat sets, the British DPM Combat Set was capable of being configured to suit the individual soldiers needs. Depending upon your role in your squad, you may need additional magazines for your rifle. Should you find yourself as your squads machine gunner, you would want more utility pouches to hold tools necessary to maintain your GPMG. With the flexibility and customization that is possible with a combat set like this, soldiers were able to tailor their load out gear to be specific to their own role without having to carry unnecessary equipment.

Included with each combat harness set are 1 x Yoke, 1 x Pistol Belt, 2 x Double Ammunition Pouches (8 30rd M16 Mag Capacity), 2 x Utility Pouches, and 1 x Bayonet Frog which brings the total to seven pieces of combat gear. The utility pouches are huge, with plenty of storage space to carry things like first aid supplies, rations, canteens, or any other gear you find essential to your needs. All of the pouches are double sealed with both Velcro as well as quick release straps to ensure your gear stays inside until you are ready to deploy it. The main yoke and pistol belt are both adjustable to fit, but they will only size up to what would be the high side of the British Army physical fitness charts. So if you are an extra large, no problem fitting this combat set to your body comfortably - if your a XXXL sized man, you will need to use this combat set for display purposes only.

  • Authentic British Army Surplus Combat Set
  • Woodland DPM Camouflage with IRR Coating
  • Surplus Used Condition - Expect Signs of Use
  • Condition and Components May Vary
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