British Army PLCE Infantry Long Rucksack

British Army PLCE Infantry Long Rucksack

The British Army PLCE Infantry Long Rucksack is the workhorse pack of the British Army. With service seen in virtually every part of the world, the combat tested and battle proven design of this military backpack is second to none. Ready to serve on your next outdoor adventure, you need one of these British Army PLCE Rucksacks in your gear collection today.

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Description / British Army PLCE Infantry Long Rucksack

The British Army PLCE Infantry Long Rucksack is the most widely issued backpack in the world. Virtually all soldiers in the British Army have been issued this pack and it has seen near universal issuance in British Commonwealth countries. This wide issuance has seen this pack used in every climate and every part of the world where it performed flawlessly for the soldier carrying his gear inside.

We have this legendary backpack available in two forms, one that has the zip-on/zip-off side pockets and one that does not. British Army Special Air Service commandos always removed the zippered pockets as they provide more storage yet increase the width of the pack. If you want to roll with your British Army Rucksack the same way their elite soldiers do, order yours without the zippered side pockets. Should you want the extra cargo space these side pockets provide, we have authentic and all original side pockets attached.

  • Authentic British Army Rucksack - Workhorse of the British Military
  • Combat Tested and Battle Proven Around the World
  • Adjustable Padded Shoulder Straps
  • Large Main Storage Compartment with Expanded Drawstring Closure
  • Top Flap Has Double Zippered Storage Pockets - One Interior and One Exterior
  • Rear Exterior Velcro and Zippered Storage Pocket for Essentials
  • Dimensions: 22" x 18" x 10"

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Brand British Army Surplus
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Customer Reviews

Review by john
Verified Buyer
hold lots of gear big main pocket for tent & bag, fire grate 2 pockets hold dry goods and safety mre ,lantern ,chair ,table ,3 fuel stove in pocket of zip on pouches.mess kit in center velcro so well i ordered another one!
Pretty Disappointed
Review by Darryl
Verified Buyer
Ordered this because the reviews seemed pretty good. Got the company name from a youtube post by The Outdoor Gear Review. I'll be contacting him as well to let him know what has transpired. Let's just say that this review isn't the entire story.

Well these are indeed surplus, so Buyer Beware. The pack I received was missing the waist belt, the sewn-on pouch on the top of the pack, compression straps were cut off and more. I also found an old pouch in the inside top pocket for an African cellular company so I'm certain these weren't British surplus but were resold as surplus for a second time. Save yourself the money and buy from the U.K.

I may have expected too much for the price but I think I was shipped the worst one they had. Now I'm in Canada and I don't think that, based on my transactions so far, they like us north of the border. So I can not recommend that anyone buy these packs unless you are willing to do a lot of work yourself to make it even slightly useful. Mine ended up in the garbage.
Big, rugged, great value
Review by W Crow
Verified Buyer
For anyone looking for a bag big enough to hold the MSS or one of he thicker Wiggy's bags inside, this may be what you're looking for. With the side pockets attached there is room for a lot of gear, more than this old fellow wants or probably could carry very far. For now, it's the winter grab-and-toss-in-truck bag.

The one I received is used but not abused. It could use a bath but is serviceable. It is heavy, but I believe the US bags of comparable volume are heavier. The width, with the pockets attached, requires some planning if any heavy cover must be negotiated.

My torso length is right at the border between medium and long and I generally opt for "long." The frame length on this one fits nicely. High end civilian packs will be lighter weight and can be quite durable, at many times the cost of this pack. This pack is just a rugged, "get the job done and hope you don't have to carry it too far" kind of pack. I'm sure the combat load-out for these is a lot more weight than I'll ever attempt to carry in it. I'm happy with it.
Review by Gordon
Verified Buyer
Huge pack will carry a ton. Well made and heavy duty. Fits really well.
great pack
Review by Gordon
Verified Buyer
Pack came in very good used condition had to replace a couple buckles and scrub inside and out. It has. Lot of room and enough pockets to organize and carry way more than you should. I bought this for a truck pack and it's great ,now I just have to figure out what I don't need so I can carry it. If you need a large heavy duty pack that will hold up this is it.
excellent buy
Review by Paul
Verified Buyer
This is a very large pack in great condition. It is probably the only pack big enough for an inch bag, especially with the belt system availiable from KS
Thanks again for a great deal
Overall a good deal
Review by charles
Verified Buyer
Several Pros and Cons:

Pros= Decent price, well-made, heavy-duty, very capacious (got it with pockets), has padded hip-belt (a must-have in a pack this voluminous) ***Short version of LPCE may not have belt padding!

Cons= Definitely well-used, broken rivet on support stay, compression straps cut on one side, broken bungee cord on "brain".

Decided to keep it because of this ruck's limited availability and cost from other sources. The various condition issues look repairable: the rivet should be an easy fix, the straps will need extensions sewn on but the repair of the bungee cord will require cutting I'm afraid and I'm trying to figure out the least damaging way to fix it. Suggestions welcome!

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