British Army PLCE Infantry Short Rucksack

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The British Army PLCE Infantry Short Rucksack is a highly prized version of the standard PLCE infantry backpack, or as the British say Bergen. This backpack features the same carrying capacity as the long version, it is just shorter and wider giving it the same cargo capacity in a shorter frame. These backpacks have been the workhorse pack of the British Army since they were first fielded and continue to be highly prized by soldiers and civilians.

The British Army PLCE Infantry Short Rucksack is designed for soldiers in the British Army who are shorter than six feet, yet has the same carrying capacity and features as the long rucksack. What this rucksack also has is a rich combat proven history, with soldiers in the British Army using it in virtually every part of the world where it performed flawlessly in both combat and non-combat situations.

The features of this backpack are numerous, with the main one being the carrying capacity. With the main compartment holding a stunning 100L and each side pocket capable of holding an additional 10L, which brings the total carrying capacity for this rucksack to 120L. While other rucksacks can reach this carrying capacity, the British Army PLCE Infantry Short Rucksack is the only compact profile pack with this level of cargo space. Should you not require the full 120L carrying capacity, the two side pockets can be unzipped and detached from the main pack to give a more narrow profile with a still amazing 100L carrying capacity.

  • Authentic British Army Rucksack
  • Designated "Rucksack Short Inf. Convoluted DPM IRR C/W Frame"
  • Buckle Closed Top with Zippered Pocket
  • Drawstring Closed Main Compartment
  • Velcro Sealed Zippered Rear Storage Pocket
  • NSN# 8465-99-978-9221

Please note: Condition may vary! This will include degree of fading and some straps may appear different than pictured. These rucksacks were used by soldiers in the field and combat - none sat in a depot waiting to be used.

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