British Desert Sweat Rag

We've got an interesting item for sale, the British Desert Sweat Rag which we've put into a 5-Pack. Originally issued to British forces in Iraq, you can now own five of your very own British army sweat rags. Don't let the military designation of "RAG, SWEAT" dissuade you from purchasing this item. These are very functional for a variety of purposes. When you pick one up you can begin to see the full range of possibilities.

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Think of these British Sweat Rags as being more than just a sweat rag. Like most military surplus equipment, you are only limited by your imagination when it comes to repurposing.

Our warehouse staff is pretty creative, and they've come up with a few ideas for how these can be used:

  • Light weight neck scarf - The length and weight of the sweat rag makes them ideal for a light neck scarf to help keep you warm.
  • Bandana Mask -  These sweat rags are perfect to tie up as a quick mask.
  • Cloth Tie Down - When you need to tie down an item, these actually work quite well.


  • 15" x 40" Dimensions
  • Marked with British Army Designation "RAG SWEAT DESERT SAND"
  • Includes 5 Sweat Rags - less than $0.80/each

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Customer Reviews

No sweat choice!
Review by Dark Earth
Verified Buyer
All arrived clean and new in packages. Good size and color. Like how they cover the neck but not down the back or front of the shirt like a bandana. Easy to stick in a pocket.

All cotton and cool in the sun. Seem to stay in pace knotted or not. Good for motorcycling. Kind of like an old cyclist's scarf.
Review by Shane
Verified Buyer
Came clean and new, good for when it's really hot out.
Not too dank
Review by Kyle
Verified Buyer
These sweat rags came clean and absent of the familiar mildewy odor associated with a piece of surplus, which is great. Fantastic condition and as any good piece of kit, multipurpose. Would recommend for those looking to get uncomfortably sweaty in the coming summer months.
Best Deal on these anywhere!
Review by Steve
Verified Buyer
This is my second order for these. They are good for a multiple of uses and are surprisingly soft once you wash them a few times. I'll probably order some more. Ebay sells them at the same price as here. For one! And that's not including shipping. Buy some before they're gone.
Sweat deal!
Review by Hank
Verified Buyer
I live and work in a desert outdoor environment, so these will come in handy for a variety of tasks. Should make a good coarse debris filter for manky desert pothole water, as well as reducing sweat-o-vision while wearing a helmet. Will get a good workout this summer. Condition as expected: M4S2R (military surplus storage stank removal required) so they'll go to the laundromat before use.
Great buy! You will pay 2 x's at a name brand store for 1 and they offer 5
Review by Daryl
Verified Buyer
My first time to order from Keep shooting. My only problem is I didn't find this site sooner. Product was Brand New. You get 5 in a pack. They sent 6. Exactly what we used in Afganistan. Could not be happier!!
Great product
Review by Cody
Verified Buyer
Great product at a great price. Two were new and three of them appeared to be used but like new condition.
Many uses for Rags
Review by David
Verified Buyer
In addition to all the uses already mentioned, you can use it as an arm sling as part of a medical kit since it is large enough.
Worth it
Review by Jeff
Verified Buyer
These sweat rags work perfectly. The fabric absorbs sweat and other liquids well but also drys fairly quickly. I use them at work, in a hot warehouse, and they have made my life a lot easier either as a bandana or wrapped around my neck after soaking in ice water.
Excellent for Hot weather hiking
Review by Anonymous
Verified Buyer
If you are hiking in hot weather these are great. An excellent way to use these is to bring a zip-lock plastic bag. When you encounter a stream/river/water source on your hike soak them all in water, then place them into the plastic bag. When you are overheating place them around your neck - works wonders to cool you down.
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