British Army Jungle Sleeping Bag with Compression Sack

British Jungle Sleeping Bag with Compression Bag

The British Jungle Sleeping Bag is the standard issue sleeping bag issued to British soldiers who are operating in the jungle or a tropical climate. When the British army issues these excellent summer sleeping bags they deploy them with a specialized compression sack. We are offering one package deal that includes both the British Army Jungle Sleeping Bag and the correct compression sack that is issued with it.

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Description / British Jungle Sleeping Bag with Compression Bag

The British Army is tasked with defending British interests all around the world. This defense includes providing assistance and support to former British colonies who are now independent, including those that are located in jungle or tropical climates.

Recognizing the need to support these soldiers, the British Army had this excellent jungle sleeping bag produced to offer a lightweight sleeping bag that is ideal for jungle climates. With jungle or tropical climates sometimes having excessively hot nights, a compression sack was always issued to allow the jungle sleeping bag to remain stowed if it was not required to be used due to the heat at night. By using a compression sack for storage, soldiers were able to carry a sleeping bag in the smallest profile possible to leave room for other essential gear.

When dealing in military surplus, certain surplus products are always in demand. One of the most in demand surplus items are military sleeping bags and the most in-demand sleeping bags are specialized ones for specific climates. These jungle sleeping bags are the first summer sleeping bags we have ever been able to source in Europe making them one of the rarest specialized sleeping bags. When we were able to also procure the original compression sacks, we knew that our customers would want these sleeping bags.

  • Authentic British Army Issue Sleeping Bag
  • Sleeping Bag NSN# 8465-99-869-5310
  • Includes Compression Sack for Jungle Sleeping Bag
  • Compression Sack NSN# 8465-99-869-5311
  • Dual Zippers with Tie Straps 
  • Sleeping Bag Dimensions - 92" L x 28" W 

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Customer Reviews

awesome bag, fantastic deal
Review by George
Verified Buyer
I live in Texas, where in the summer a sleeping bag served me as a pillow rather than as a bag. This bag is great for this climate. Just got it, new tags still on it. Looking forward to trying it out this week. Had used US patrol bag in both Bosnia and Iraq as my bugout kit sleeping bag, and have bought two since retiring. But they don't open out like this one. So anxious to compare utility of this one. I carry gear in my 260 mile commute to work, and this bag will probably the primary bag in my kit. In the past, I tried using just a pile bag liner, but if a wind picks up, any heat disappears. Need a shell, so now anything I carry that may be used in the open, has to have a shell. As for care, REI and other backpacking outfitters carry specific soaps, that with a commercial front load washer and dryer will take great care of your bag. (Dry-cleaning here in Texas would cost more than the bag). I'll be ordering more for presents for friends and family. Thanx KS, this one is a magnum load.
Perfect Summer Bag!!!
Review by Sigmund
Verified Buyer
Ordered one as soon as it popped up, great condition, perfect for summer camping, it compressed down to the size of a softball, so perfect to keep in the car. Hopefully you got a bunch of these because they are great.
Perfect Sleeping Bag
Review by Conrad
Verified Buyer
This jungle bag surpassed all expectations. for 20 dollars you will not find a better product. I live in Florida and love to do a lot of primitive camping. This product is the best thing ever. The inside is super soft and it zips all the way out to form a blanket if need be. I could literally not ask for a better sleeping bag for the price. Thanks KS!
Brand New Sleeping Bag
Review by Jedediah the GyroCaptain
Verified Buyer
Great sleeping bag; I was lucky to get one as I thought they'd all be sold out. A few random points:

* These are great lightweight sleeping bags; a little lighter than the US Army's patrol bag, but heavier than a poncho liner.

* Both the bag and the compression sack are brand new, and still in the factory plastic bag.

* The compression sack is worth the price by itself--its the correct compression sack for this sleeping bag, too.

* The top of the bag, where your head would be, can either lie flat or be turned into a mummy bag by drawstrings. You can also unzip the bag and use it as a light blanket.

* This bag could also be used as a liner inside of another bag to add to the temperature rating.

* Finally, the price. Look for a lightweight sleeping bag at REI or Erewhon--you'll pay far more than the $20 Keep Shooting wants. Seriously, even if you don't need another sleeping bag, buy this one. You'll be glad you did.
Incredible deal..
Review by Michael
Verified Buyer
Got mine in last week. This is the legit British army issued jungle (warm weather) sleeping bag AND matching compression sack. The compression sack alone is top quality and worth ten bucks.

My sleeping bag is perfect for my long frame (6'2) and plenty wide enough for wiggle room and pocketed warmth. Came brand spanking new, pristine. A little sign from storage on the tags but completely unblemished.

This is a freaking amazing product and and incredible deal that leaves you wondering how they hell these people make their margins. It is THE ideal warm weather sleeping bag and I would hazard to guess could go down to about 45 degrees comfortably. Total package weighs 2.7 pounds.

I will be back for another!
Review by Stuart
Verified Buyer
Great bargain for the price. If it's jungle or high desert, this bag is perfect. I bought one for inside my truck, and my wife is already pestering me to get another for her.
Great Value
Review by Glen
Verified Buyer
Ordered two, they were brand new, ordered two more, great light weight sleeping bag and takes up hardly any room in a ruck, I am retired army infantry,and this is a great product.
Fantastic Bargain
Review by Steven
Verified Buyer
Just got my bag in today's mail. Can 't be happier. Excellent quality military grade bag , at a great price. No blemishes. Just ordered a second bag.

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