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The British Police Lined Pure Wool Sweater is an authentic sweater produced in England for officers in the London Metropolitan Police Department. The highly regarded company T.W. Kempton produced these sweaters to give officers a high performance sweater to wear when the weather turns cold in London.

The use of wool to produce clothing has been established for at least the past two hundred years. There has yet to be a material made that is as effective as wool is at keeping you warm even when the wool becomes wet. The cost and performance of this natural fiber is one of many reasons why pure virgin wool sweaters are prized by those who have experience with wearing them in the cold.

Officers in the London Metropolitan Police have long used wool sweaters by T.W. Kempton as part of their cold weather uniform. These sweaters are by far the top of the line sweaters produced by T.W. Kempton for the Metropolitan Police. This is readily apparent by looking at how it is made and the features found on the sweater that show it was produced for senior staff. The first thing to take notice of is the sweater is made from 100% pure virgin wool, which ensures that these sweaters will be more resistant to damage as the virgin wool is stronger and thicker than previously processed wool.

  • Authentic London Metropolitan Police Sweater
  • Made from 100% Pure Virgin Wool
  • Forearm and Shoulder Reinforcing Patches
  • Left Arm Pen Pocket
  • Epaulettes and Radio Loop
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