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The British RAF MK2A Quilted Waistcoat is an authentic temperate weather jacket issued to aircrew in the Royal Air Force. With the lightweight quilted design airmen are kept warm yet their arms are free to enhance mobility to ensure success during missions in their aircraft.

The British RAF MK2A Quilted Waistcoat is an excellent example of specialized equipment for aircrew in the Royal Air Force. These soldiers need to be kept warm yet traditional jackets may interfere with operations inside of an aircraft. The solution that the Royal Air Force fielded was this waistcoat which is lightweight, quilted, and a sleeveless design. All aspects of this waistcoat make it ideal for layering or it can be worn stand alone where you'll enjoy the same tactical advantages it gives airmen in the British Royal Air Force.

  • Authentic British Royal Air Force Combat Waistcoat
  • Quilted Design - High Performance and Lightweight
  • Button Up Front
  • Olive Drab
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