Brownells ACRAGLAS Bedding Kit

Bedding is the process of filling the gaps between the action of your rifle and its stock with an epoxy in an attempt to improve its accuracy. There is no better way to get the job done than with the new Brownells ACRAGLASS bedding kit, which includes everything needed to bed two different rifles.

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For over 70 years, Brownells Inc. has been one of the arms industry's go-to retailers for quality gunsmithing tools, firearm parts and components, magazines, ammunition and accessories. Headquartered in Montezuma, Iowa for each of those more than 70 years, the company got its true start after Bob Brownell, the company's founder, developed his first catalog with a promise to offer quality parts and world-class customer service. To this day, those values remain foundations for the company that now offers over 50,000 products in addition to a 100 percent, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee.

Among Brownells more than 50,000 products is their acclaimed Brownells ACRAGLAS bedding kit. As everyone knows, a rifle is only as accurate as its operator. However, even the deadliest sharpshooter will be placed at a severe disadvantage when faced with maligned scopes, poorly bedded actions or one of the many other problems that can plague the accuracy of a rifle. But with the new Brownells ACRAGLAS bedding kit, even the most poorly bedded action can be accurized.

The Brownells ACRAGLAS bedding kit is a complete, professional-grade home-bedding kit that serves as an accurizing material, designed to make your rifles shoot more accurately by filling the gaps between the action of a rifle and its stock. This easy-to-use kit includes complete instructions that detail every step of the bedding process, from mixing the materials to applying them, and include enough of the following contents to properly bed two rifles:

- Two fluid ounces of resin

- 7/8 fluid ounces of hardener

- 7/8 fluid ounces of release agent

- Floc

- Two mixing cups

- One mixing stick

- Brown dye

- Black dye

- Complete instructions

The Brownells ACRAGLAS bedding kit is an excellent choice for a range of users, including: stock manufacturers, professional stockmakers, gunsmiths, hobbyists and many more.

Overall Rating
mosin project must
Review by Michael
This was the final and one very important step I took in pin pointing my mosin project. It helps substantially in bringing that group size down. This will be noticed most once you load your own ammo specifically for what your mosin likes best.
Overall Rating
easy to use
Review by RemMax
I bought my first gun when I turned 16 years old, That's been a few years ago when all a American had to do to buy a gun is plop a Drivers License and cash on the counter and they could take their new gun and ammo and walk out the door, (of course Colt SP1 AR15's were only $400.00 brand new at Woolworth then to:-)
Ahh the good ol days
Anyway the gun I bought was a German K98 Mauser that I still have today, after many years of putting untold numbers of rounds through it I started noticing the receiver was shifting and moving in the stock despite the screws all being tight.
Well I contacted Brownells and was recommended this same kit which I bought and used to glass bed my action into the stock.
The kit comes with everything you need and clear instructions, in the years since I first glass bedded my old Mauser98 (about 15 years ago) and seeing the instant increase in accuracy return to my prized first gun I have glass bedded many more since then and have had good results every time I recently built a 260Rem using a Mauser 98 action and Shillen barrel with a custom wood stock and once again I glass bedded the action into the stock and once again I have a rifle based off a WW2 action that can drive nail
Definitely a product worth buying

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