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  • Front cover of "Building Your AR-15 from Scratch" Front cover of "Building Your AR-15 from Scratch"
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Building Your AR-15 from Scratch

Firearms lovers rejoice! Now is the time to put your money where your mouth is and begin building the AR-15 of your dreams. What’s that? You have never undertaken such a task in all your years? Then read on, friends.

The truth is, not all of us are gunsmiths or armorers. Many of us have absolutely no experience when it comes to building, repairing, modifying or designing firearms. The good news is that you don’t need any of that experience. asks you to kindly put your apprehension to rest, as we are now proud to offer “Building Your AR-15 from Scratch,” a brand new instructional DVD produced by Lenny Magill. A comprehensive how-to on building an AR-15 from its bare bones, the DVD follows Jim Van Middlesworth as he walks the viewer through a complete assembly of the AR-15 assault rifle beginning with a stripped lower receiver.

Firing any rifle is great. Firing a rifle that you built yourself, however, is just a bit more fulfilling. Purchase “Building Your AR-15 from Scratch” today for the low price of $24.95 and take pride in a rifle that you can truly call your own.

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Like its military counterpart – the M16 – the AR-15 is perhaps one of the most iconic and widely recognized assault rifles in the world. Combine this with their reputation for accuracy and modularity, and you have one highly desirable firearm.

People may choose to build AR-15s rather than purchase complete rifles for one or more of several reasons. Often times, one may be able to build the rifle at a lower cost than purchasing a complete rifle. Additionally, it provides for full customization, allowing you to build the rifle you want rather than purchasing the rifle that is offered. Others may be more mechanically inclined and take pleasure in building them as a hobby. Whatever reason you have for building an AR-15, we want to make sure that it is an enjoyable, error-free experience. “Building Your AR-15 from Scratch” is a great tool that will ensure a proper assembly and a firearm that will function without fail.

This DVD is a professionally produced instructional that has been shot in high definition with a runtime of 3 hours. Beginning with a stripped lower receiver, the DVD follows Jim Van Middlesworth, a master AR-15 armorer, as he instructs the viewer on the proper assembly of the AR-15 with detailed explanations of all components, parts and hardware and a particular emphasis on nomenclature.

Including a brief overview of the AR-15 and the background/credentials of the instructor, the DVD covers all aspects of the build from selecting quality parts and a lower receiver to detailed explanations/installations of each of the following major components: lower receiver, upper receiver, barrel, gas system, bolt carrier group and gas blocks. With “Building Your AR-15 from Scratch,” you can rest assured that you will have a smooth build from start to finish. Be careful though, you may find yourself a new hobby!

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Run Time 180 minutes
Encoding DVD Region Free
Copyright 2011 Lenny Magill
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