Bulgarian Coconut Canteen

The Bulgarian Coconut Canteen is a WWII-era canteen from the Bulgarian Army. With the war raging during World War II, raw materials like wool were in short supply so the German army began to insulate their canteens with bamboo. After seeing how successful the German army was with bamboo insulated canteens, the Bulgarian army copied the design. Commonly referred to as the "coconut" canteen do to the fact that the canteen looks like a coconut from a distance.

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The Bulgarian Coconut Canteen is an authentic WWII-era canteen issued by the Bulgarian Army. Taking a page from the German army, the Bulgarian Army used pressed bamboo to line and insulate the exterior of their canteens. With the use of bamboo to insulate the canteen instead of wool fabric, the army could use wool for uniforms where it was both in short supply and necessary for production.

With the popularity of WWII re-enacting, this Bulgarian Army canteen is a must-have. While the issuance of this style of canteen began with the German Afrika Corps, it soon became the standard issue canteen throughout the remainder of the war. Now that we have imported a sizable number of these excellent WWII-era canteens, you can add several to your collection.

  • Authentic Bulgarian Army Canteen
  • World War II Era Design
  • Correct Look and Appearance for German WWII Re-Enactments
  • Surplus Used and Good Condition

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Customer Reviews

Great deal on this Bulgarian Army Canteen
Review by Dillon W.
Verified Buyer
Satisfied with this order. The Canteen works great.
Great Transaction
Review by Robby F.
Verified Buyer
The Canteen looks great. Exactly what I needed.
Good Transaction
Review by Tarek V.
Verified Buyer
The Canteen looks perfect. Exactly what I wanted.
Great deal on this Bulgarian Army Canteen
Review by Jmar P.
Verified Buyer
Packaged well. For the cost this Canteen is a great value.
Awesome Bulgarian Army Canteen
Review by Manford Z.
Verified Buyer
This Canteen is excellent. Would buy again.
Review by Warnell P.
Verified Buyer
Best price I could find that was in stock.
plan to replace the gastket
Review by seth
Verified Buyer
Since these are old canteens without a cork stopper, plan to replace the rubber or cork gasket at the mouth. Mine didn't have any gasket at all - bought a suitable one from the hardware store and no leaks
Great deal on this Bulgarian Army Canteen
Review by Darrow P.
Verified Buyer
Cheapest price I could find that was online.
Between Serviceable and Unserviceable
Review by Edwin
Verified Buyer
I received an item a little better than the stock photo, but I have to say that doesn't make it immediately usable. Like with all older canteens it does need a wash, but you better disinfect the inside just in case. The outside wood was dry, a little flakey on surface from age but a little sanding should help that wear down. (but don't do too much) If you can, I would coat with wood varnish to restore color and beauty of this item. The insides look clean, some metal spots from age, I have a tiny bit of rust under the cap base, I am going to try to get rid of that. Cork is dry but appears intact, cap is a little hard to screw on by design. I'd say if you really want something to use, you can buy this but you must expect some work. If not, it's just a collector's item. I'm not saying you can't use it, I just wouldn't without doing a few things first.
Excellent Seller
Review by Mitchell T.
Verified Buyer
Pleased with this company. The Canteen works well.
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