Bulgarian IKE Jacket with Holster

The Bulgarian IKE Jacket with Holster is a vintage jacket from the Bulgarian Army. These jackets were produced during the Warsaw Pact era, where Bulgaria played a large role in the defense of the Soviet-aligned states. Officers in the Bulgarian Army were issued these IKE jackets that feature an interior holster, that was perfect for concealing the service pistol.

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The Bulgarian IKE Jacket with Holster is a style of jacket that was popularized by General Eisenhower during World War II. This look made such an impression around the world that years later the Communist Bulgarian Army decided to make a similarly styled jacket for their officers. While this Bulgarian IKE Jacket is faithful to the original design, it does have a more low-key look than General Eisenhower's.

What this IKE jacket does have is a very unique vintage look. The style, color, buttons, and overall design are instantly recognized as being Cold War era and produced by a Warsaw-Pact aligned nation. There is also a unique feature inside of the jacket which consists of a medium sized holster that has been added to the jacket. The method used to attach the holster will ensure it sits comfortably in your jacket no matter what activity you are engaged in and will always be ready for quick draw.

  • Authentic Bulgarian Army Jacket
  • IKE Jacket - Unique Look and Style
  • Socialist Star Buttons
  • Integrated Concealed Holster
Size Chart:

Size S (Bulgarian size II)

24" armpit to armpit,
18" shoulder to shoulder,
24" collar to hem,
Sleeves 24.5" from the shoulder

Size M (Bulgarian size III)

25" armpit to armpit,
18.5" shoulder to shoulder,
25" collar to hem,
Sleeves 26" from the shoulder

Size L (Bulgarian size IV)

26" armpit to armpit,
19" shoulder to shoulder,
25.5" collar to hem,
Sleeves 26" from the shoulder

Size S (Bulgarian size V)

27" armpit to armpit,
21" shoulder to shoulder,
28.5" collar to hem,
Sleeves 29" from the shoulder

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Satisfied with this purchase. The Ike jacket fits well.
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Received in two days after placing my order. Will be back to buy from KS.
Perfect Ike jacket for me
Review by Devon J.
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I bought this Ike jacket to add my Bulgarian Army surplus collection.
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Review by Jaye Q.
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The jacket looks great. Exactly what I wanted.
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I bought this Ike jacket to add my Bulgarian Army surplus collection.
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