Bulgarian Medical Kit

Original 1950s era Bulgarian Army Medical Kit, complete with vintage first aid items included in each medical kit case. This is one of those military surplus deals you don't want to miss. The bag alone is worth the purchase price, with the first aid contents being a bonus.

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We made a special purchase of these Bulgarian Medical Kits, once they are gone there will be no more.

  • Sturdy folding OD carry case
  • Red Cross Symbol
  • Folds out and lays flat
  • Three separate compartments
Example Contents:
  • 1950s era glass bottles
  • EMT type shears
  • Various bandages
  • Medical Tape
  • Small funnel
  • Sling Implements
  • Contents Will Vary - No Two Bags Identical
  • Exterior: 12.5" W x 10" L x 5" D
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Overall Rating
Nice case -- won't use most of the included supplies.
Review by Michael
So I mainly got this for the box, not for the medical supplies. In my general opinion, most of these kits have mediocre supplies inside that are either aged or low quality.

In this case everything inside was fairly old -- most of the things I wouldn't use in a medical kit. I kept the scissors and forceps -- but the rest of the gauze and whatnot I felt were too old for use.

The case itself is worth the money -- it's well made and will work for any number of other uses.

Overall I'd recommend this if you want a neat, useful hard sided case, but not if you're looking to start an actual medical kit!
Overall Rating
Great stuff!
Review by Nick
Nice piece of history, i wouldn't use the stuff in it, but it is sealed, Minus a few small imperfections, (most majour was a small D ring that needed replaced) Totally worth it!
Overall Rating
o.k. first aid kit
Review by carol
Kit came yesterday and hoped to find more first aid items but got only a lot of cotton and roll bandages. bottles (4) were all complete, though with nice little caps that snapped shut! three rusty safety pins and a measuring cup (small). one tourniquet..a white powder was found in the seams of the kit but I washed it off completely. (who knows what that was!) I will upgrade it and keep the roll of cotton batting for cleaning.
Overall Rating
Review by Lucas
smart and cool way to store a med kit. I use it for my car and its amazing!
Overall Rating
Great product!
Review by Walther
A great starting point for a medical kit! Has all the gauze you'll need, and bottles work great for alcohol, peroxide, and whatever else you may need! Highly recommended!
Overall Rating
An interesting Warsaw Pact Kit
Review by Ross
My kit arrived safe and sound, and I figured I would give a breakdown of what it contained so people would get an idea of what might come in theirs. First, though, a small construction description. As seen in the item photos, the box is made out of leather/faux leather with a thick canvas strap. The Red Cross is actually two layered pieces of leather - a Red Circle under a White (in my case, yellow in photo) circle that has had a cross cut out. Now to the contents:

Bulgarian Check List of Standard Components
Medical Scissors
Forceps in a sealed plastic bag
Some form of compress, approx. 1in x 2in (stamp too faint to read)
Green Canvas Tourniquet
2 Small Gauze Rolls
4 Medium Gauze Rolls
1 Tall (twice the height of the others) Medium Gauze Roll
Roll of 1.25cm x 1.5 meter medical tape
Small Conical Measuring Cup
2 Safety Pins
Sealed paper pack of Five Bandages (1983)
Sealed paper Bandage bag, marked "1/2 METbP" (1987)
Large amount of folded paper towels for clean up
Canvas Sling
4 Glass Bottles (2 marked "100" over "1," 1 unmarked, 1 with outline of Bulgaria)
Empty Green Plastic Case, for ointments

The Canvas sling was placed atop the glass bottles, protecting them in transit. The list inside gave me the impression that the kit used to be more "stuffed to the gills" than it is now, but for being a 1980s vintage piece of surplus, it's not a bad deal for this price!
Overall Rating
Great for putting together specialized kits.
Review by Dan R
Don't make em like this anymore. It was interesting just to go thru the bag and it's contents. Made a burn kit out of one. A field surgical kit out of the other.
Overall Rating
Whether you're a collector or resupplying for a kit you use this is a great value
Review by Michael
The case is sturdy for what appears to be vinyl-coated cardboard, and the layout of the case is quite handy. Mine arrived with bottles broken and Keep Shooting replaced them right away. It;s not too big to take into the field and would easily work as a car or cabin kit. Mine arrived like new and has remained that way as it is used in a work vehicle and we have had no mishaps lately.
Overall Rating
Home base medical kit
Review by Craig
I plan to expand our basic medical kit I have for the home and this seems to be a sturdy platform to accomplish such.
Overall Rating
Tons of cool gear!
Review by seth
If you're a collecter, these are very cool things to hold on to.

Comes with a whack-ton of medical gear! I don't intend to use mine for anything other than show, and the bag is highly specialized , so dont buy it for hiking or anything.

Would be good to keep in the car for safety or in the woodshop!
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