Bulgarian Medical Kit

Bulgarian Medical Kit

Original 1950s era Bulgarian Army Medical Kit, complete with vintage first aid items included in each medical kit case. This is one of those military surplus deals you don't want to miss. The bag alone is worth the purchase price, with the first aid contents being a bonus.


Description / Bulgarian Medical Kit

We made a special purchase of these Bulgarian Medical Kits, once they are gone there will be no more.

  • Sturdy folding OD carry case
  • Red Cross Symbol
  • Folds out and lays flat
  • Three separate compartments
Example Contents:
  • 1950s era glass bottles
  • EMT type shears
  • Various bandages
  • Medical Tape
  • Small funnel
  • Sling Implements
  • Contents Will Vary - No Two Bags Identical
  • Exterior: 12.5" W x 10" L x 5" D

More Information

Manufacturer Bulgarian Army Surplus

Customer Reviews

Nice case -- won't use most of the included supplies.
Review by Michael
So I mainly got this for the box, not for the medical supplies. In my general opinion, most of these kits have mediocre supplies inside that are either aged or low quality.

In this case everything inside was fairly old -- most of the things I wouldn't use in a medical kit. I kept the scissors and forceps -- but the rest of the gauze and whatnot I felt were too old for use.

The case itself is worth the money -- it's well made and will work for any number of other uses.

Overall I'd recommend this if you want a neat, useful hard sided case, but not if you're looking to start an actual medical kit!
Great stuff!
Review by Nick
Nice piece of history, i wouldn't use the stuff in it, but it is sealed, Minus a few small imperfections, (most majour was a small D ring that needed replaced) Totally worth it!
o.k. first aid kit
Review by carol
Kit came yesterday and hoped to find more first aid items but got only a lot of cotton and roll bandages. bottles (4) were all complete, though with nice little caps that snapped shut! three rusty safety pins and a measuring cup (small). one tourniquet..a white powder was found in the seams of the kit but I washed it off completely. (who knows what that was!) I will upgrade it and keep the roll of cotton batting for cleaning.
Review by Lucas
smart and cool way to store a med kit. I use it for my car and its amazing!
Great product!
Review by Walther
A great starting point for a medical kit! Has all the gauze you'll need, and bottles work great for alcohol, peroxide, and whatever else you may need! Highly recommended!
An interesting Warsaw Pact Kit
Review by Ross
My kit arrived safe and sound, and I figured I would give a breakdown of what it contained so people would get an idea of what might come in theirs. First, though, a small construction description. As seen in the item photos, the box is made out of leather/faux leather with a thick canvas strap. The Red Cross is actually two layered pieces of leather - a Red Circle under a White (in my case, yellow in photo) circle that has had a cross cut out. Now to the contents:

Bulgarian Check List of Standard Components
Medical Scissors
Forceps in a sealed plastic bag
Some form of compress, approx. 1in x 2in (stamp too faint to read)
Green Canvas Tourniquet
2 Small Gauze Rolls
4 Medium Gauze Rolls
1 Tall (twice the height of the others) Medium Gauze Roll
Roll of 1.25cm x 1.5 meter medical tape
Small Conical Measuring Cup
2 Safety Pins
Sealed paper pack of Five Bandages (1983)
Sealed paper Bandage bag, marked "1/2 METbP" (1987)
Large amount of folded paper towels for clean up
Canvas Sling
4 Glass Bottles (2 marked "100" over "1," 1 unmarked, 1 with outline of Bulgaria)
Empty Green Plastic Case, for ointments

The Canvas sling was placed atop the glass bottles, protecting them in transit. The list inside gave me the impression that the kit used to be more "stuffed to the gills" than it is now, but for being a 1980s vintage piece of surplus, it's not a bad deal for this price!
Great for putting together specialized kits.
Review by Dan R
Don't make em like this anymore. It was interesting just to go thru the bag and it's contents. Made a burn kit out of one. A field surgical kit out of the other.
Whether you're a collector or resupplying for a kit you use this is a great value
Review by Michael
The case is sturdy for what appears to be vinyl-coated cardboard, and the layout of the case is quite handy. Mine arrived with bottles broken and Keep Shooting replaced them right away. It;s not too big to take into the field and would easily work as a car or cabin kit. Mine arrived like new and has remained that way as it is used in a work vehicle and we have had no mishaps lately.
Home base medical kit
Review by Craig
I plan to expand our basic medical kit I have for the home and this seems to be a sturdy platform to accomplish such.
Tons of cool gear!
Review by seth
If you're a collecter, these are very cool things to hold on to.

Comes with a whack-ton of medical gear! I don't intend to use mine for anything other than show, and the bag is highly specialized , so dont buy it for hiking or anything.

Would be good to keep in the car for safety or in the woodshop!
Bought case for RV use and is perfect.
Review by James
I bought this case and contents with the full intent of using it in our RV. I make sure it was well aired out and put the glass bottles in a curio cabinet and started adding first aid items like rubber gloves, scissors, aspirin, band aids, other items too numerous to mention. I kept the bandages in the case as they were sealed packages. One of the best things in the case was 2 tourniquets which could be absolutely indispensable. I added all items like rolaids, aspirin, eye wash, and antiseptic and packed the whole bag in our camper and I feel much better always having this on hand. I forgot to mention, DO NOT FORGET to add a package or two of Quick Clot for emergency bleeding. Makes a great kit.
amazing kit!
Review by Liam
Like all the other reviews the kit included the typical stuff. It had some soviet ibuprofen as well! It also included a empty box for a radiation thyroid pill set. It had forceps and tweezers in "sterile" bags as well as a syringe without the needle. The first aid logo is jut like the photo only the way it is made is a red leather circle with a brown circle over it that has the first aid cross cut into it. thinking about buying more..
Great first aid case!
Review by Victor
Mine was in like new condition for its age;it came with 4 bottles one being broken but was not a big deal since I was planning to replace case contents anyway. inside I found a pair of tweezers and one scissors, a tourniquet, lots of gauze packs, a plastic pouch (empty) and a contents list written in Bulgarian. Its carring belt and shoulder straps are nice features making it very convenient for field work.
This case is much better than the soft one I currently have since it offers some degree of protection to what's stored inside especially to plastic alcohol bottles;great size, lots of room for storing various supplies;it also takes less space in my car. Keeping it outside over night it has removed most of the storage odor. Overall this is a nice first aid case which well worth the money. Highly recommended.
Great bag and interesting items inside.
Review by Ferenc
Most of the stuff is kind of old, but usable. I will try and wash the glass bottles in the dishwasher. Good for wound cleaning supplies. The bag I have is smaller and this will work great for a home and travel first aide kit. I would still like to know what the powder is in the little pouch. Mine was blue, but I have seen picture of a red powder. Any one know? I tried to translate with no success. Great item as always.
Well made, versatile hard sided medical bag.
Review by Jeffrey
Sturdy construction. It has 9 spots for medicine bottles that are variable in size, using a continuous vinyl strip. Also, two sleeves for things like forceps or bandage scissors. Nice having a waist belt for certain situations. An added feature is the fact that when you open it, you have a workspace between the compartments on the front and the main compartment.
Great Value!
Review by Bradley
This kit is a great buy. The vinyl case alone is worth the purchase price, everything that it is stocked with is just a bonus. I bought one to use as an emergency medical kit for truck based travel, it worked very well. I dumped out most of the contents and restocked it with more specific stuff for my purposes but it would not take too much extra to turn it into a real kit. Mine came with plenty of bandages and a couple tourniquets and even some box of strange Bulgarian baking soda (we tossed it out) plus so much more. If you get interested in what the info on the Bulgarian packing list says, use Google translate. Google translate has a virtual Cyrillic keyboard for characters we don't have on our American keyboards.
Nice Starting Point
Review by Publius
A previous reviewer posted the contents of the bag, so I won't waste a lot of time there. I would like to take out the glass bottles and replace them with plastic ones (rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, iodine, etc.) add a few things like trauma bandages, moleskin, decent band-aids, etc. All in all, it's a good starting point.
Awesome Kit
Review by Matthew
I recently got the medical kit. It arrived quickly. I opened and it was packed with various medical things. I really ordered this for my wife to tote her essential oils while traveling. She was really impressed with it and now all her friends are asking for one. Looked brand new.

Need medical case with interesting contents
Review by Zachary
I bought this case to store all my medical supplies at work as I am a first responder and responsible for all the employees on the overnight shift. I believe this case will serve me extremely well some of the contents were very usable other is more of a novelty if you need a medical case for your car or work or some other similar situation I would highly recommend it.
Excellent value for the price
Review by Stephen
You never quite know what's going to be in these. I've ordered several, and all had the glass bottles and what I assume to be an empty chemical treatment kit, along with some bandages. After that, it's a grab bag, and it's always been a surprise to see what's in there. We use them as a storage for our essential oils and alternative medicines, but they could be easily rebuilt into a modern first aid box. One of them is used by my youngest as an arts and crafts kit, and it's held up quite well.
Review by Timothy
Super low price for what you get. Even if you don't use it, it's a great decorative piece or can sell it somewhere else for more money. This is a great buy!
Medical kit
Review by Anon
As the description states, the bag alone is worth the purchase price, with the first aid contents being a bonus. They weren't kidding. This is a great case, though I did replace the contents with more modern ones. The original contents were given to a friend.
Awesome ditty bag with some vintage flair!
Review by Shaun
Everyone I've showed this bag to has been really impressed with it! A friend of mine into steampunking was really interested in it for his impression!

I was really pleased with the bag - it came with everything listed as a possibility under the options, along with an inventory bag. If I were going to use it seriously, I would replace the scissors with a better constructed pair (as the set it comes with is a bit sorry), but the rest of the equipment looked pretty solid if you wanted to use the kit as it was intended to be used. It's a great size bag, too, if you wanted to replace the contents entirely and use it as an emergency kit.

If you haven't, check out the video KeepShooting did about these kits! It definitely helped convince me to pick one up!
Just really cool!
Review by Chuck
I am the medical guy on my group so I am always looking for a deal on medical supplies. I got this for the box and not the supplies that come with it. I think the box is really cool and I am glad I bought it. I plan to set it up for a specific medical situation, not sure what yet, and look forward to never having to use it. Sometimes it is just fun to have something with a little history!
great kit
Review by chris
i received mine in good shape with some supplies inside, nice cool vintage design and great to collect
Cool collectible.
Review by Eric
This is a pretty neat hard sided folding case. I got it for the collector's value which it just oozes. This could be neatly repurposed as a home med-kit. It smells odd and has an oily residue on it so a good cleaning is mandatory. The included supplies are neat, but really nothing of value. The scissors and forceps are pretty cheap. Its cool to see the Bulgarian script on everything. The old glass bottles are interesting, but I can't imagine reusing them in any way. The bandages are obviously expired but would still work fine if you needed them. The most useful thing in this kit (aside from the case) is the tourniquet. This is actually quite nice and I think I'll add it to my hiking first-aid pack.
Nice Kit
Review by Mo
I just received the kit today and was happily surprised to see the kit is in very good condition and has everything that is supposed to be inside of the kit, good stuff....
Great Utility case
Review by Philip
I had originally ordered one from a not to be named site, it arrived empty. I then noticed that the ones here were stocked so I returned it.

Mine came stocked, with the following
4 glass 100ml bottles
1.5m roll of narrow (1.25cm) medical tape
Empty green med container
1 tourniquet
1 package of compress or something.
Scissors. for running, while in the case.
dispensing cup, small
Large tweezers/whatever name is, sealed and unopened
various other medical supplies labeled in Bulgarian, which I don't care to list anymore and I am not heading to Babelfish to translate either.
A paper list of what should be in the kit (I think).

Anyways, this stuff has been sitting a long time, the scissors is in need of cleaning and shows noticeable oxidation (but light, not heavy). With the case open, if you look at the fold at the base of the tall part, there are some greenish crystals.

This will need a good cleaning, no doubt. However its overall condition is very good. Forget about medical supplies, this is a really cool case for stuffing with whatever you want. The exterior vinyl is perfect with no rips, tears or signs of discoloration.

At the bottom of the large compartment is a leather strap built in with slots for securing various things against the side. In addition to the shoulder strap there is second strap that connects to a D ring on the bottom of the sides.
Great kit, low cost!
Review by Milsurp
I decided to purchase this kit mainly due to the historical aspect and was pleasantly surprised by what I received. The case is in fantastic shape and barely looks used at all. The real surprise came when I opened the case to reveal that the kit was nearly fully stocked! After translating the contents list that was included, I discovered that everything that was supposed to be included in the kit was present except for the meds! A great piece of cold war militaria and a handy and useful first aid kit, should the need ever arise!
Good Start
Review by 39bore
Got two of these, "hard fold out case" is perfect for at the cabin, truck, home, or??? Good size, add your own stuff and you are ready for those, Non "E R" problems. Way better than the Wallyworld first aid kit, which has no room and cost more. Don't forget to add what you might need!
Medic kit
Review by Dave
Well worth the money, nice kit
Nice Kit
Review by Dave
Cool little medical kit, never know when it might come in handy

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