Bulgarian Quilted Jacket Liner

The Bulgarian Quilted Jacket Liner is a military surplus jacket liner from the Bulgarian Army. These jacket liners were designed to provide Bulgarian army soldiers with a super warm liner for their jackets that would keep them warm in extreme cold weather while on duty.

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The Bulgarian Quilted Jacket Liner is a unique piece of authentic Bulgarian army surplus. With most jacket liners, the emphasis is put on making the liner practical for use only as a liner, which is one area where the Bulgarian quilted jacket liner differs. This jacket liner has a design that would allow it to be worn as a stand alone coat, as the faux fur collar and olive drab color help give it an appearance similar to a field coat.

  • Authentic Bulgarian Army Quilted Jacket Liner
  • Faux Fur Collar
  • Elastic Waistband
  • Front Chest Pocket
  • Button Up Design

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Customer Reviews

Good jacket liner for my use
Review by Seaver S.
Verified Buyer
Best price anywhere that was in stock.
Fast Delivery
Review by Mont I.
Verified Buyer
Pleased with this purchase. The jacket liner fits well.
Great Deal on this Bulgarian Army jacket liner
Review by Clancy G.
Verified Buyer
Cost is great and shipping was speedy.
Excellent Bulgarian Army jacket liner
Review by Collie V.
Verified Buyer
Cost is excellent and shipping was speedy.
Very Satisfied
Review by Kong H.
Verified Buyer
I bought this jacket liner to add my Bulgarian Army surplus collection.
Fast Processing
Review by Temitope C.
Verified Buyer
Cost is good and shipping was speedy.
Fast Delivery
Review by Zain G.
Verified Buyer
Lowest price anywhere that was in stock.
Quick Shipping
Review by Orvin W.
Verified Buyer
Cheapest price I could find that was in stock.
Amazing For the Price
Review by Tim
Verified Buyer
I got this jacket as something that i could get dirty without worrying about it since it's so cheap. Usually I wear it whenever I take out trash, but it performs well enough that I would use it as a mid layer while i'm out in the woods if i'm just there for a day. It keeps you very toasty because the waistband and the inside of the cuffs are elastic, which helps to keep the wind out. You can also just pop up that collar, which warms up your entire neck and even covers most of my ears. It fits pretty comfortably because it's roomy, but it is a bit heavy, so I feel a little bit of pressure on my shoulders whenever I wear it. Not enough to hurt or cause a problem, it's kinda just there. The overall state of the jacket was good, no smells or tears. But it did have slight discoloration on the bottom much like in the stock photo. The buttons on mine were also green instead of brown like in the picture, which doesn't bother me. Also, there is a flap that starts on the bottom of the back of the coat that buttons up to the shoulder blade area on the outside back of the coat that is about 5-6 inches wide.I have no idea what it is for. All in all, I would say that this was an excellent purchase due to the performance and price. If you were a prepper or something, you could buy a few of these and hand them out to anyone staying at your place if that's what you do, because this would be perfect for that.
Rapid Delivery
Review by Mccoy O.
Verified Buyer
Would Recommend this Bulgarian Army jacket liner
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