BulletSafe Alpha Tactical Vest

The BulletSafe Alpha Vest is a combat-ready tactical body armor system. Designed to meet the needs of users who require more robust protection, the Alpha delivers a protection level that is nearly twice as big as a standard ballistic vest. With the standard front and rear protection, the Alpha also delivers shoulder, collar, wrap-around side, and drop down groin protection. Every single ballistic insert in the Alpha delivers NIJ IIIA protection which will stop up to a .44 Magnum handgun round, and each Alpha has front and rear plate pockets for up-armoring with Ceramic plates for increased protection.

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The Bullet Safe Alpha Vest is a brand new tactical body armor system that can best be described as "combat-ready" and complete. With front, rear, side, shoulder, collar, and groin protection the Alpha will have you covered at home or in the field each time you put it on. With the addition of six utility pockets, including four designed to carry 30-round M16 magazines, you'll be able to carry plenty of essential gear with your vest.

  • Full NIJ IIIA Protection for your front, rear, side, collar, and shoulders
  • Tactical Body Armor - Front, Rear, and Side Protection with MOLLE Attachment Points
  • Four Velcro Closed Front Pockets - Sized for 30-round M16 Magazines
  • Two Molle Attached Snap Closed Utility Pouches
  • Front and Rear Plate Pockets - Works With Any Standard SAAPI Sized Plate

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Customer Reviews

Very substantial vest!
Review by Michael S
Verified Buyer
Nice, heavy protective outfit!

For me, it's one of those items that I'd rather have and never need, than the other way around.
Best Combat Ready Vest On The Market
Review by Don
Verified Buyer
When you buy a Bullet Safe Alpha Vest for $699 you get a True Level III Vest that covers & protects your entire torso & neck & groin from a 44 Mag without additional $$$ And when you add their Ceramic Plates You have a true Level IV vest thats ready for combat!
Thank You, KeepShooting.com for Excellent Products from Bullet Safe!

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