BulletSafe Level IIIA Body Armor

The BulletSafe NIJ Level IIIA Bullet Proof Vest is the bullet proof vest you've always wanted at a price everyone can afford. 

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Why This Might Be The Best Body Armor Available


Threat Level Protection:

The protection level this vest provides is NIJ Level IIIA which will defeat virtually any handgun threat. With the additional of front and rear ceramic body armor plates your vest will provide Level IV protection from rifle threats.

Vest Sizes:

We have these vests in all sizes including small, medium, large, extra large, and double extra large. No matter what size you need, we've got you covered and everyone pays the same price. No upcharge for bigger sizes which is something unique to the BulletSafe vest.


The BulletSafe vest is only $299.  Yes, for $299 you are getting a brand new, NIJ Level IIIA certified bullet proof vest in your size.

What Size Bullet Proof Vest Do You Need?

BulletSafe provides the following Size Chart for you to use when selecting your bullet proof vest:

Height RangeWeight RangeVest Size
4'10"-5-5" 90-150 lbs. Small
5'2"-5'9" 140-190 lbs. Medium
5'6"-6'1" 170-210 lbs. Large
5'7"-6'2" 190-250 lbs. Extra Large
5'9"-6'5" 240-300 lbs. Extra-Extra Large
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Overall Rating
Best Level III Vest ~ Plate Carrier
Review by Don
I searched for months & the closest priced plate carrier that I found was Rhino & they bragg they have the best $299 carrier on the market ! But don't believe it ! ! ! All you get is a over priced denim plate carrier with absolutely no Kevlar protection and no protection until you buy & insert separate plates then at best you might have a level III vest but only in the area the plate covers & that will never be a Level IV
Now when you buy a Bullet Safe Vest for $299 you get a True Level III Vest that covers & protects your entire torso from a 44 Mag without additional $$$ And when you add their Ceramic Plates You have a true Level IV vest !
Thank You, KeepShooting.com for Excellent Products from Bullet Safe!
Overall Rating
Brand new vests!
Review by 1MARINE
My brand new vest arrived wrapped in plastic, suitable for storage. The manufacture date on my vest was 08/16, which is only 2 months old. It is rated at Level IIIA, 44 mag level, however there are Level IV vests out there that will stop a .308 Winchester round. Those can be had at about the same price point, but are not brand new. This vest will give good protection up to 44 mag level and it has pockets for adding ballistic plates to give rifle protection. Great price for a new vest!
Overall Rating
Affordable Body Armor
Review by Hermit
I looked many places trying to find affordable body armor that would do what I wanted it to do. I found the bullet safe vest and was blown away by the price. After a lot of research, I decided I would take the plunge. I am very glad I did. The vest is light weight and comfortable (for a IIIA vest) and is rated to stop a 44 magnum. It is easily adjustable, and is a no frills vest. Large Velcro pockets on the front an back make it easy to drop ceramic plates in. Highly recommended.

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