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Manufactured by Butler Creek, a company renowned for its innovative firearm accessories, the new Butler Creek Hot Lips 10/22 magazine is one of the best aftermarket magazines available for the Ruger 10/22 platform. With a capacity of 25 rounds, the company's "Hot Lips" feed lips, a constant-force spring and the ability to hook multiple magazines together, magazine trouble will be the furthest thing from your mind when you hit the range equipped with a few Butler Creek Hot Lips 10/22 magazines.

For years, American-owned and operated arms accessories company Butler Creek has been employing big thinking and field-proven quality to deliver innovative shooting accessories marked by their stellar performance. From their world-famous flip-open scope covers to smarter methods for carrying gear and outfitting weaponry, Butler Creek has never been a company to shy away from taking a chance, and it is that entrepreneurial spirit combined with a passion for the shooting sports that has allowed them to take their place among the industry's best manufacturers. Moreover, as a subsidiary of the Bushnell Corporation, Butler Creek enjoys the guidance and funding of a respected, national corporation, allowing them to continue production of excellent products like their well-received Butler Creek Hot Lips 10/22 magazine.

Since its introduction nearly 50 years ago, the Ruger 10/22 has become, inarguably, America's favorite .22 LR rifle. The semi-automatic, rimfire rifle features a legendary action based on a blowback operation, and is available in a countless number of configurations. And because they are also highly customizable, the platform continues to garner support as time wears on. In other words, the platform presents lucrative product development opportunities for companies like Butler Creek.

As noted, the Butler Creek Hot Lips 10/22 magazine is a replacement magazine manufactured by Butler Creek for the Ruger 10/22 platform. It is designed to hold and feed 25 rounds of .22 LR rimfire ammunition to your rifle, and is produced using many of the same materials as original, factory-produced Ruger BX-25 magazines, putting it miles ahead of competing aftermarket magazines. This includes a durable polymer construction for the body as well as a beautiful smoke finish. Additionally, several features have been incorporated into the design that permits this magazine to perform on par with the Ruger BX-25 magazine.

The most notable feature found on the Butler Creek 10/22 magazine is the use of its "Hot Lips" feed lips. By utilizing a separately-molded feed lip design made from an extremely tough, self-lubricating polymer, the Butler Creek 10/22 magazine ensures that its feed lips keep their shape over time and continue to present cartridges at the optimal feed angle for which they were designed. Another noteworthy feature is the utilization of a stainless steel, constant-force spring. This ribbon-like spring is designed to exert a constant force over a range of motion, which provides a consistent feed for every cartridge in the magazine. Moreover, each Butler Creek Hot Lips 10/22 magazine can be hooked together to make multi-feeding magazines.

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